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Importance of Culture Fit

Recruiting firms and HR recruiters agreed that they prefer hiring a candidate who possesses the right attitude and good work ethic rather than a glowing CV. No doubt, knowledge of the job is important but it can be learned while working especially at junior level. But to find someone who fits perfectly according to the work culture of an organization is very difficult. Culture fit is very important for the hiring process.

Organizations are investing a…


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What Not To Do When Publishing Articles

I like to publish small snippets periodically, because it's fun to write and think, and I like to share my thoughts with others.  However, it's another matter altogether when I see someone with a year of experience in recruiting, after previously being a hairdresser, passing off a classic article on "Counteroffers" on LinkedIn as his own work.  

3000+ views is a lot of attention for a recruiter to grab, but it would certainly have been much more ethical to do his own work, wouldn't…


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How to turn a job interview from exploration to exploitation

Please note: This article was originally posted on the RecruitLoop blog

As a career recruiter, I’ve seen my share of ‘shifty business’. And sometimes from employers themselves! It usually involved a client contacting my candidate directly so as to avoid having to pay a recruitment fee. 

Such shady dealings have unfortunately always taken…


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Integrity, A Valued Commodity.

In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." 

— Warren Buffet

(CEO, Berkshire Hathaway)


Recruitment isn’t an easy lark. As a recruitment consultant I am often on the phone to candidates of an evening, arranging interviews and hearing feedback. There is an argument to be made that some…


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Am I Too Ethical To Be A Recruiter?

Well now, it's been a couple of years and my recruiting life is going along pretty good. Exceeding my numbers, gaining exclusive clients, having fun and thinking this is the best job and the best place I could ever work. We have monthly contests, quarterly contests, yearly contests; go on weekend retreats (with our spouses) to golf resorts and ski resorts (depending on the time of year) for morning training meetings and golf outings or skiing or even just laying around the pool in the…


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Men, Women, Children, the Elderly, and Animals

As we fight the uphill battle against Recruitment’s dire reputation by striving to provide the best service we can and be as ethical and incisive as possible, we do occasionally come across an instruction from the client side that never fails to shock me. I’m sure it’s something that many Recruiters will recognise, a little throwaway comment that is couched in a joke and a twinkling smile but is actually as concrete an instruction as any of the immovables on the brief.




Added by Giles Lewis and Gina Sargunar on July 5, 2011 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Right off the top, no, I didn’t just swear. These two words are thrown around daily under a multitude of reasons; but how many people actually back it up or even mean it as much more than a catch phrase or cliché?  We all deal with people, either working with, or working for; and regardless of our job-identity; in one way or another we always defer to those two words in almost every close.  How do you guarantee satisfaction? Have you listened intently to the customer or to the supervisor and…


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The Customer Is Always Right?

The Customer Is Always Right?

Did I really put a question mark on this phrase? We’re taught from our first job bagging groceries and ripping up movie stubs that the phrase ‘The Customer is Always Right’ will end in either an exclamation point or period. It’s a subject that has finally got me motivated to begin my blog…


I have a client who is a tremendously successful businessman, salesman, and entrepreneur who currently owns a business that…


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Would You Outsource Your Career Management?

I’m sitting here at 11000m above the ground somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney thinking about career management. Why? You ask. Well late last week one of our consultants received within the space of an hour three emails from three different candidates attaching their CVs and asking politely for meetings with us and for their CVs to be added to our database for consideration for any current and future roles we may be trying to fill.

Nothing unusual in that, you think.

Each… Continue

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LinkedIn Bullhorn Group B.S. - Ethics Question "Global Staffing Leaders"

I'm not a huge LinkedIn user. I have my own reasons; one being that I see them as a potential major competitor (all of us in the ATS/Recruiting business should be wary of them) but another being that I just don't have that much bandwidth between Facebook (which I really must use for family and friends) and email (which is how I do most of my work). In regards to our sales reps, we say to use whatever tools they think will move them forward-…


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Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Respect.

It's what we look for in a recruiter. Someone who is going to help in the job hunt, coach on how to get through the interview process, and provide all the…


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Hijacking Competitors Job Adverts

Do you want your competitors to work for you? Easy. Redirect candidate traffic and visitors away from the competitor by hijacking their job advert.

Original blog post from

With the increased use of RSS feeds and job aggregation software (and very smart and savvy IT… Continue

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Hey Recruiter, I thought you were on my side! Part III of III

mad Last time we spoke about identifying the true hiring decision maker (HDM). We will go on the assumption that has happened.

We will also assume that you have been in front of the interview panel and your keen intuition says you did well in the your interviews and made a connection with at least the vast majority of the folks you met with, including the HDM. If you feel your intuition is not working,… Continue

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Hey Recruiter, I thought you were on my side! Part II of III

perplexed2 We have spoken about the circumstances around recruiters being less than cooperative with candidates and the many reasons. Yes, sometimes it is just perception on the candidate's part that a recruiter is not acting in good faith as I outlined in the last couple posts, but sometimes there is shared culpability.

Today let's talk about the candidate taking preventative steps to insure themselves… Continue

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Why is this corporate recruiter "just not that into me"?

perplexed Last time we spoke about some reasons why corporate recruiters don't always seems to be on your side. We discussed how these reasons could be mistakes made on both sides.

From some feedback I got (mostly from the recruiter world), there is sometimes a misconception of impropriety by the recruiter because candidates try to "shoe horn" themselves into being the right fit for a position even though it is… Continue

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Hey Recruiter, I thought you were on my side!

fight I think most people feel corporate recruiters are always an impartial bunch whose sole purpose is to fill open jobs as quickly as possible with the best qualified candidates. As a former corporate recruiter, this is the principle I lived by. In speaking to people in the job market I am hearing troubling stories of corporate recruiters who may not be living up to this. This is particularly disconcerting in this… Continue

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Taking advantage of job seekers

The balance has shifted quite dramatically from a market dominated and controlled by talent to recession. Just a few years ago we were all asking ourselves what to do when the Boomers exit the market and how to address the coming void of talent? Now Boomers are competition in a talent rich and jobless market. Competition is high and the opportunity to separate yourself from the pack is sought after daily.

A few weekends ago I spent time at a local church where volunteers helped job… Continue

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A Financial Times Saturday

Nothing like reading the Big Salmon on a Saturday morning to take in a global view of business. From letters and op/eds on the editorial pages, here's my take on how FT and it's readers view the world and how it relates to recruiting...

As a result of the global financial pickle, many around the world can see that regulators have "a legitimate interest in how… Continue

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"Montaigne's practical, ethical response to injustice in an uncertain world is to ruse with the law."

The interiority of the self is one of the great framing fictions of the Essais, a fiction that provides the space and the opportunity for Montaigne to carry out both the encounter and the dialogue with himself that are his project, to fashion himself, and to negotiate the boundaries between the self and the… Continue

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Oh My Aching Monster...


SEC brings civil charges against ex-Monster execs

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. securities regulators filed civil charges against two former executives at employment listings website Monster Worldwide Inc (MNST.O: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday for allegedly engaging in fraudulent stock options backdating, according to court documents.

James Treacy,… Continue

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