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From the Candidate’s Seat: What Job Seekers Need in a Hiring Manager

When job seekers interact with hiring managers, they are most likely hoping to nail the interview process and land the job. However, not just any hiring manager is the perfect fit. You can differentiate your company in a competitive space and attract better candidates by improving your…


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Technical Skills to Look for In Every Employee

As the time is becoming modern, there are a few things that an organization must look for in an employee. Everything has been happening online, and the candidates must be good with their technical skills. But there are too many technical skills that exist, and a few of them are so important, that without them surviving in an organization can be impossible.…


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How Employee Referrals Are Important

Hiring is not an easy task at all. It involves a lot of patience, dedication, hard work, and experience. One needs to have a proper knowledge before hiring a candidate to be a part of an organization, as this eventually reflects the company performance.…


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Hire the Candidate Who Has the Required Company Culture

Company culture is something that describes the company in the best way. It shows the qualities of an organization, and the candidates are always supposed to follow that culture. It consists of the vision, mission, and goals of the company, the candidates must reach in the given time.…


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Detect Lie in A Resume

Recruiting is not an easy task at all. Being a recruiter is so tough, as one needs to handle a hundred things at once. There are times that the recruiters miss out on the best talent, and there are times when they do not figure out the people who are not worth it at all.

The candidates nowadays have become so clever, that they think that if they fake their resume, no one would figure anything out and they would get the job easily. But what they don’t…


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Three Keys To Wooing Your Next Big Employment Candidate

When you're trying to get that winning client to sign on the dotted line with your business, it's important that you pull out all the stops when wooing them. 

Rather than simply bringing them in for an interview, you need to get creative and do your research at the same time. With this in mind, keep reading so that you can apply these tips and reel in the most attractive star employees. 

#1: Make A Weekend Out Of It

Many employers make the mistake of…


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Avoid Job Interview Mistakes That Are Common

Building up the employer brand is a very tough task to do. It takes up a lot of hard work of the people to build up the brand, and maintaining that is essential as well. The interview is the first impression that the candidate has on the organization, and it is very important for the employer to make sure that it goes perfectly.

There are a few recruiters that make mistakes during the job interviews, that spoil the image of the employer brand in the…


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Importance of Culture Fit

Recruiting firms and HR recruiters agreed that they prefer hiring a candidate who possesses the right attitude and good work ethic rather than a glowing CV. No doubt, knowledge of the job is important but it can be learned while working especially at junior level. But to find someone who fits perfectly according to the work culture of an organization is very difficult. Culture fit is very important for the hiring process.

Organizations are investing a…


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The Importance of Balancing New Technology and Legacy Technology

It’s called the “cutting-edge” for a reason. Those pushing the limits of technology face big rewards, but when they falter, the landing is not forgiving. Massive data migrations and new tech implementations are significant commitments across…


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Digital Inclinations That Are Changing Organizations

Running an organization is not as easy as it looks like. But the company can never work in the old ways again. There are so many modern technologies that have come up, that have totally changed the way companies work. One needs to be very careful about what kind of technologies they are using, as they need to be very specific about everything.

The modern technologies have made it so much easier for the organizations to play their role in the market, and be on top of…


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The perks of working with a distributed team

On the surface, distributed or remote teams might seem like the latest workplace culture trend akin to foosball tables and casual Fridays. In reality, more and more employers are finding the benefits of hiring remote workers go far beyond the basic flexibility of working from home. The rise of distributed teams is creating an outcome-based culture and business are…


Added by Sarah Aboulhosn on February 22, 2018 at 9:29pm — No Comments

Ways by Which Recruiters Can Attract More Talent Through Social Media

Social Media has become the hub for the recruiters to hire people for the organizations. As people nowadays are addicted to the social media, there is no other best platform for attracting more talent. Recruiting is not an easy task at all, and requires a lot of hard work of the recruiters.

There are a few ways by which the recruiters can attract more talent through the social media, that can help them hire the quality people. These people would be really…


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Reasons for Failure of The Recruitment Strategies

Recruiting employees for an organization is not an easy task at all. It involves a lot of strategies, hard work, and experience to hire people to make an organization big. One must always know that the recruiting process does not always turn out to be a success, and there are a few cases that turn out to be a failure.

The companies cannot accept this, and these let the organizations down,and lead them towards the path of loss. One needs to be really…


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Startups Are Struggling to Hire Sales Leaders and Diverse Talent

When you are hiring for startup it is actually a very crucial task. Your ability to hire the best workforce can determine the success of the startup. But trust me it is not an easy task – good potential employees will be reluctant to join your organisation. There are…


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10 Ways a Thorough Hiring Process Can Help Your Business Succeed

Hiring is an extensive procedure that takes surgical precision. Or at least that's how businesses should be treating it. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses, especially those run by rookie entrepreneurs, appoint ineffective…


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Factors to Consider During Hiring

 All companies at one time hire new employees. An entrepreneur requires personnel to execute his/her plans. When a company is formed, it must hire a workforce. Companies also recruit new employees when there is a shortage. The hiring process is therefore inevitable for all organizations. When a company requires new employees, it advertises the vacancies on media outlets such as newspapers. In the advert, the necessary qualifications are…


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3 Ways Your Pre-Employment Assessment Loses Candidates

The scarcity created by the IT talent shortage understandably makes companies cautious about who they hire. To lower the number of bad hires, many implement a…


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Stay Compliant: California Hiring Changes Coming in 2018


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Employee Education is Your Most Valuable Investment

Start-ups begin in many different ways. While many of them launch with an intention to turn into a huge, profitable corporation, other companies come about out of necessity. For example, a freelance programmer could gain so many projects he’d need a part-time employee to help out with his clients. More…


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Contract vs. Employee: Things to Consider When Hiring IT Professionals

If you’re a hiring manager looking to hire IT professionals in your team, you’re no stranger to the ever-advancing, ever-evolving nature of the tech world. Apart from actual software or application innovations, the demands of IT jobs don’t necessarily require you to fit the old paradigm of employment process when it comes to hiring professionals. The online marketplace for IT talent is growing bigger and bigger, at the same…


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