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How to Calculate ROI from changes in Talent Acquisition Funnel

Understanding and manipulating your talent acquisition funnel is one of the most important tasks for HR professionals.  However, it can be very hard to see where ROI is coming from currently, and where it can come in the future.

While it may not be intuitive…


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11 Corporate culture videos you need to see

Company overview videos can be amazing assets in the war for talent, or they can fall flat and make candidates run in the other direction.

We’ve seen many videos in the course of working with companies on their employer brands. We’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t.

Best practices for culture videos:

  • Authenticity (or “honesty” if you don’t like buzz words) is key. The companies who allow a true look into their company…

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Employer Branding Best Conferences to Attend

Here are a list of the top conferences that focus on topics related to employer branding: Content Creation, Social Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing, etc.

If you have a conference that we’ve missed and should be on the list, shoot me an email!


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10 Recruiter Fails That Will Make You Say “I’m Glad It Wasn’t Me!”

From the job seeker’s perspective, interviews can be really tough. They’re nervous, and aren’t sure what the recruiter is going to ask. Despite careful preparation, even the best job seeker has botched an interview.

But recruiters are always in control. They never say anything inappropriate or have any mishaps, right?

Yeah…not so much.

But, that’s ok, because at least these stories aren’t YOU! And, secretly you can now let go a sigh of relief at whatever faux pax you…


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How Layoffs Effect Glassdoor Reviews

It’s a feeling like no other. After months of meetings, projections, and gut-wrenching stress, the decision has been made: your company needs to lay people off. You sit in with the managers as one by one, employees are given the hard news, watching them try to keep a brave face as their world shatters.

Layoffs suck. Whether the people you’re laying off are in the office next door or across the country, the results are the same: your company’s decision is taking away somebody…


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8 Career Page Mistakes You Have to Avoid

Career pages are arguably the best asset talent acquisition has in attracting and converting quality applicants. The vast majority of candidates visit your careers site, and it’s also a trusted source of information.

However, many companies are vastly under utilizing this asset. We thought we’d point out a few of the common mistakes that we see over and over again in order to help companies get the most out of their career pages.

Here are the most common mistakes that we see in…


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Mix ‘n’ Match: Good for Pizza, Bad for Job Descriptions

We all love pizza. And there’s nothing better on a lazy Friday evening than to order a couple of pizzas and hang out on the couch. It couldn’t be easier: you pick a crust, pick some meat, pick your cheese, and pick a few veggies, and voila! And if every second customer picks the exact same thing as you, who cares?…


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100,000 Data Points tell us the Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems are numerous to say the least.  To figure out the best fit for your business you need to start wide and quickly narrow down your hit list based on research, and then demos of your top choices.

We wanted to shed some light on the nebulous ATS landscape with a bit of data around marketshare, who’s growing the most, and who’s customers are staying the longest.  Please use this data to widdle down your list to those solutions that are most relevant to your…


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Careers Page Design Advice

Throughout the course of a given month, we analyze dozens of career sites, and talk to a similar amount of practitioners who are constantly trying to get a grip on how they should design their careers pages. So, we thought we’d share some of the advice we give over and over…


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Stop using stock photos in your recruitment marketing efforts!

Doesn’t this photo look awesome?

How about this one?

Ok, so these are a bit over the top (and what's up with the thumbs up?). However, we all know a stock photo when we see one right? Is it that surprising that these types of photos hurt conversions? Check out this case study.

Just like in marketing, in recruiting it’s important to have real photos. Look at the difference.…


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Employer Branding Statistics You Have to Know

Employer branding/recruitment marketing is here to stay. And, there is A LOT of info out there to digest. So, we thought we’d aggregate what we think are the most important stats out there. For your convenience:

  1. 94% of candidates are likely to apply to a job if a company actively manages it’s employer brand.…

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How much can you really save with employer branding?

Employer branding has been an industry buzzword in talent acquisition for several years at this point. However, only a select few companies have taken advantage of this trend. Mainly, they are large and well resourced companies who are constantly recruiting – Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey, etc.…


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Why you don’t need a social media strategy for your employer brand

Blasphemy! We’ve been reading article after article about how Snapchat is where to reach millennials, and at the very least I need an active Twitter feed!

Yes, that’s right, I don’t think you need to worry about a social media strategy for your employer brand…but more on that in a second.…


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The Number One Candidate Obstacle

LinkedIn recently published a list of top employer branding statistics which detail some of the key drivers of ROI for companies focused on building their employer brands.



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Improve Your HR Metrics by Harnessing the Power of Data

Companies like FitBit have made us addicted to data. If you want to lose weight, you can use data to better understand your sleep and activity habits, and then make changes to reach your goals. By simply wearing their product and choosing from an array of applications, you are provided with…


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Worst practices in Employer Branding

We don’t want to call any specific companies out because that’s not how we roll. But, we did want to point out a few worst practices in employer branding that we believe are hurting companies and, in some cases, costing them millions of dollars.

The goal here is not to…


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An Introduction to Employer Branding [Free eBook]

Each week I talk to an average of 10 HR leaders who care about their employer brand. As you can imagine, I learn a lot from these people! And, I also learn a bit about what people want to know on the evolving topic of employer branding.

With that in mind, we put together…


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A thought experiment: Why Employer Branding Matters SO MUCH

Stay with me here...

Imagine for a moment that you’re a sales person. You sell widgets. You call up a prospect and leave them a voicemail telling them you sell widgets and want to have a call to tell them more about your widgets and why they may be interesting for their company.

Your prospect…


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Why start now for your 2016 Employer Branding

Employer branding is clearly a priority for many organizations, and if it’s not on your radar, it probably should be. Here’s why you should start RIGHT NOW to…


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24 Awesome career pages to draw inspiration from

Looking to upgrade your careers page? Here are some of our favorite career pages from various industries. These pages are beautiful, mobile friendly repositories of information on what makes their company a unique place to work, highlight employee value propositions, and overall enhance the…


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