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Employer Branding KPI Dashboard

It’s hard to improve what you don’t measure.  And, there is A LOT to measure with employer branding.  From your Glassdoor score, to social media following, we believe every company should be tracking the key aspects of their brand.

So, we’ve created a dashboard so that you can keep…


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Your Employees: Your Company’s Public Face

When it comes to corporate communications, a lot of companies have operated with the principle of “central command”, with pre-approved key messages, predetermined spokespeople, and heavy emphasis on consistency of voice.

What those companies always seemed to miss was the fact that unless you have a staff and volunteer force consisting entirely of robots, there’s only so much control you can exert over your brand. People talk to each other. And often, when someone…


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What GE Does Right on Employer Branding (and who they look up to)

I had the great fortune of sitting down recently with Shaunda Zilich, who is the Global Employment Brand Leader at GE. GE has been the name on everybody’s lips lately, for their amazing series of “Owen” videos that have turned the traditionally industrial brand on its head. With nary a work boot in sight, the young, passionate, and tech-oriented Owen is completely jazzed about his work at GE, helping to develop the software and…


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Employee Value Proposition: What you need to know

Your employee value proposition (EVP for short) is a key part of building your overall employer brand and helping attract talent to your organization.

Employee Value Proposition Definition

Simply put, your EVP is the reason why employees work at your company. It’s one part what attracted them in the first place, and two parts what keeps them there after taking the job. This concept is so important because it relates to attracting and retaining talent, both of…


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Employer Branding for CEOs

CEOs are busy enough, do they really need another priority to think about?  Well, no.  But, if there is something to help them do their job better and more efficiently, they should be aware of it, right?  So, we thought we'd put together this eBook which is specifically focused on what CEOs need to know about employer branding.…


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Faltering Sales? Why Your Hiring Process Might be to Blame

A lot of companies are trying to move away from departmental silos, preferring cross-functional teams and open communication among divisions. It’s a good idea for the left hand to always know what the right hand is doing, and vice versa.

But what if the left hand is unwittingly sabotaging the right hand?

This can be seen time and time again when it comes to a company’s hiring practices. A company will put out an ad, and will treat applicants like…


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Employer Branding ROI

Forecasting and calculating a return on investment is one of the most important aspects of building your employer brand.  The professionals who are able to track the results of their efforts are the ones who’ll continue to get resources from senior management to build the talent brand.

In this eBook, we dive into where ROI comes from in employer branding, along with a methodology for calculating what the opportunity is for your company to reap the rewards of a stronger employer…


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Career Page Best Practices Guide

Career sites are your best asset to attract top talent to your organization. They are the most trafficked part of the candidate journey. They’re also a place that you fully control and don’t have to worry about being polluted by anonymous reviews by ex-employees. Despite these facts, it’s one of the most underutilized assets in a company’s arsenal to attract top talent.



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Differences in Professional Expectations Across Generations, aka recruiting millennials

A few weeks ago, we co-hosted a great event with Universum around their recent Generations research which dives deep into what professionals and students of various generations hope, fear, and expect about their careers.  With all…


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Employer Branding ROI Calculator

There is a lot of information out there on employer branding ROI and what the potential is.  However, it can be hard to get a firm grasp on how large (or small) of an opportunity focusing on employer branding can…


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Glassdoor Pricing: How it Really Works

We all know Glassdoor, the review site where employees can anonymously comment on the pros and cons of working at a given company, as well as the salaries that they were/are paid.

Glassdoor has become a staple of job seekers’ candidate journeys, and therefore has become an increasingly important consideration in a company’s employer branding strategy.

After seeing this post in a Facebook group we’ve grown to love, we thought we’d collect responses, and share…


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Employer Branding: Everything you need to know

Employer branding has grown in significance due to changes in job seeker behavior, and increased competition in the war for talent. The statistics are quite staggering with 72% of candidates spending over an hour researching a company, and 70% saying they wouldn’t take a job at a bad company even if unemployed. LinkedIn found that the number one reason candidates don’t apply for a job is…


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SEO Doesn’t Matter for Talent Acquisition

TLDR: SEO doesn’t drive applicants in a significant way, even for Fortune 500 companies who have invested in SEO, because it’s impossible to beat job boards for the vast majority of queries.

Last week I was day dreaming and, as sometimes happens, I started to think about talent acquisition (don’t judge me). I was thinking about the key to any “successful” job board. It’s really all about cheaply attracting job seekers, and then re-selling that traffic to employers. Monster’s mechanism…


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Time to Fill ROI Calculator

Time to fill is an essential metric for HR professionals to track as they monitor the health of their talent acquisition function.

We define time to fill as the average time it takes to close a given job req, measured in days.  Your metric may be specific to a function (time to fill for Java Engineers in Boston), or for the entire company.

Time To Fill = (Total Number of Days of Opened Jobs / Total Number of Jobs)…


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How to Calculate ROI from changes in Talent Acquisition Funnel

Understanding and manipulating your talent acquisition funnel is one of the most important tasks for HR professionals.  However, it can be very hard to see where ROI is coming from currently, and where it can come in the future.

While it may not be intuitive…


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11 Corporate culture videos you need to see

Company overview videos can be amazing assets in the war for talent, or they can fall flat and make candidates run in the other direction.

We’ve seen many videos in the course of working with companies on their employer brands. We’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t.

Best practices for culture videos:

  • Authenticity (or “honesty” if you don’t like buzz words) is key. The companies who allow a true look into their company…

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Employer Branding Best Conferences to Attend

Here are a list of the top conferences that focus on topics related to employer branding: Content Creation, Social Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing, etc.

If you have a conference that we’ve missed and should be on the list, shoot me an email!


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10 Recruiter Fails That Will Make You Say “I’m Glad It Wasn’t Me!”

From the job seeker’s perspective, interviews can be really tough. They’re nervous, and aren’t sure what the recruiter is going to ask. Despite careful preparation, even the best job seeker has botched an interview.

But recruiters are always in control. They never say anything inappropriate or have any mishaps, right?

Yeah…not so much.

But, that’s ok, because at least these stories aren’t YOU! And, secretly you can now let go a sigh of relief at whatever faux pax you…


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How Layoffs Effect Glassdoor Reviews

It’s a feeling like no other. After months of meetings, projections, and gut-wrenching stress, the decision has been made: your company needs to lay people off. You sit in with the managers as one by one, employees are given the hard news, watching them try to keep a brave face as their world shatters.

Layoffs suck. Whether the people you’re laying off are in the office next door or across the country, the results are the same: your company’s decision is taking away somebody…


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8 Career Page Mistakes You Have to Avoid

Career pages are arguably the best asset talent acquisition has in attracting and converting quality applicants. The vast majority of candidates visit your careers site, and it’s also a trusted source of information.

However, many companies are vastly under utilizing this asset. We thought we’d point out a few of the common mistakes that we see over and over again in order to help companies get the most out of their career pages.

Here are the most common mistakes that we see in…


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