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Why It's Important To Manage Your Clients' Expectations

I’m sure we all have a few “life lessons” that we have learned or picked up along the way that, for whatever reason, have made a particularly strong impression.

When I was in 1st grade I distinctly remember Mrs McIntyre telling us that it was rude to point at other people when you spoke…


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Why It's Important To Keep In Touch With Your Client After The Placement Is Made

*** Please note this post first featured on The RecruitLoop Blog ***

Many years ago I was sent along to an external training course. A group of us had supposedly been identified as ‘rising stars’ and the seminar…


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How To Stay Focused During The Holiday Season

There are ads on TV featuring turkeys spinning dreidels; carols are piping through the shopping malls; people are wearing those crazy reindeer antlers in the streets; it’s already snowing in parts of the USA while temperatures continue to soar across Australia …

It’s beginning to…


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Say it isn't so! Recruiters are "Luddites" when it comes to technology?

*** Please note this post originally appeared on The RecruitLoop Blog ***

I have a confession to make: I only joined Facebook about 2 years ago (having resisted for manyyears).

A few days…


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Are You ‘Consciously Incompetent’ Or ‘Unconsciously Competent’?

One thing I learned very early on in my career looking after teams of recruiters is that every single new consultant needs to know that, as their manager, you truly appreciate where they’re sitting in terms of their level of competency.

I also quickly learned that their perceived level of…


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Recruiter Tips: It’s Time To Lose The Script

I have trained thousands of recruiters in my time. So I would like to think that I know what works and what doesn’t.

Recruiting is sales.

There. I said it.

Sure it’s about helping candidates get jobs; or finding the best talent for employers. But when all is said and…


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How to Make a Great Impression With Your Candidates

There are literally thousands of articles available for candidates on how to leave a lasting first impression throughout the recruitment process. Everything from how to craft an engaging cover letter; to how to make a résumé stand out; and even to…


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The Importance of Objective Evaluation

Please note this post originally appeared on The RecruitLoop Blog.

I actually wrote this post on a plane from Australia to Singapore.

Before my flight I had a bit of time in the airport so I went for a wander through the…


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An Open Letter To Hiring Managers … On Behalf Of All Recruiters

Mr Client,

I apologise in advance for the somewhat generic greeting, but it’s been ingrained in me from way back when I first got into recruitment.

I still remember all the role-plays and all the training manuals. Every scenario seemed to involve an interaction with “Mr…


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Why Recruiters Should Stay Close To Their Candidates During Their Notice Period

My flight home from San Francisco the other day was delayed by over an hour. It felt like every 10 – 15 minutes the boarding time would be pushed out, resulting in a mass sigh or groan of frustration from the all the passengers waiting in the departure lounge.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to the…


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What Can a Social Footprint Really Reveal About a Prospective Candidate?

With the explosion of social media networks, we have all become content creators, networkers and spectators, and we end up spending hours online in networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus, both creating and consuming content.

Over 500 million photos – not to…


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7 Essential Telephone Screening Questions

I’ve seen far too many people fall into this trap over the years and you may well have found yourself in a similar situation either as a hiring manager or as a recruiter.

You’re inundated with applications. You skim through the plethora of cover letters or maybe have a quick glance at the…


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How to Become a Resumé Reviewing Pro

Please note this post originally appeared on The RecruitLoop Blog

Don’t worry. I know exactly what you’re thinking.

Surely in this day and age resumés are becoming obsolete! I mean who even has a CV these…


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9 Ways to Burn Bridges With Future Candidates

Congratulations on finding the perfect person for your role! Now, what are you going to do with all those resumes that you no longer need?

Here’s some advice: Burn them. Seriously. Who cares? That person made a connection with you, your company, and your brand; but none of that matters now. You…


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Tips for clients: How to Conduct a Proper 30-day Post-hire Check-in

I can vividly remember starting a new job many years ago.

The place was a bit of a shambles and just between you and me my boss was a patronising prick. He’d seemed so nice; so approachable … during the interview process. But from day one it was as if Dr Jekyll had left Mr Hyde alone in the…


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How to Fail at Hiring (Even With a Great Recruiter!)

Let me be frank: even the best recruiters can’t save you from yourself.

You can fail at hiring. Maybe you’re even failing now.

“But Jenn,” you say, “I still manage to hire people. How can I be failing?”

You can be scoring a failing hiring grade and still do just enough to fill…


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Your 6 Step Job Description Checklist


I’ll never forget the time I was sitting opposite a client taking a brief for a new position in her team and when I asked her if she had a position description she literally scribbled a few bullet points on to a Post-It note and handed it to me across the table.

Was she…


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Do you REALLY know what you're hiring for?


I am speaking to employers and business owners all the time.

As part of our popular RecruiterMatch offering, before a prospective client is matched with the most suitable recruiter, I will often contact the business owner or hiring manager to really drill down on their specific…


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How to Alienate the Best Talent

I’ve read literally hundreds of employment contracts over the years. I’ve written a fair few of them myself too.

It’s pretty common for most employers to include some kind of non-compete clause within their employment agreements in an attempt to protect their best interests.

These clauses are often…


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Top Tactics To Close Candidates Considering Other Offers

Please note this post originally appeared on the RecruitLoop Blog

You have finally made an offer to a rockstar candidate only to have them turn around and tell you that they are considering a couple of other offers.

Time to…


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