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One Of My Favorite Recruiting Tools


We all have a tool we reach for when trying to find that purple squirrel for a client.  For some of us, it is LinkedIn and others it is has simple as using Google Advanced Search feature.  For years I was a big advocate of putting the time into building free points in my account but, with recent changes to the site new Recruiters can’t accumulate free points, they have to buy them. This forced me to looking for another tool to assist my up and coming…


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Recruiters DON’T sell – Thank god!

 As a Recruitment professional let me let you in on a little secret…. My husband Frank is a Sales person’s worst nightmare (and he could also be your Hiring Manager.)


Why do I share this with you?   I share, because Recruiters might not like to sell, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pick up the phone and develop a friendship with a hiring manager.  Let me show you how easy it could be:


Every year since 1990 Frank has received a card and a calendar from the…


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Failing At Headhunting Calls?

Instead of opening your headhunting calls with “Are you looking for a new opportunity?”  You might consider opening with one of Harley Marketing’s, 10 Valid Business Reason for interrupting someone's day:


1. Solve a problem

The best interruptions rarely have to do with the services you sell. Instead, share information…


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Ask The Recruiter’s Coach ~ Cross Roads


Dear Recruiter’s Coach,


I’m 2 years old in the Recruitment industry, started my career with loads of Zeal & Enthusiasm, and learned a lot in my present organization.

Off late I begun to notice lot of issues in my organization, Starts from the top mgmt, to my manager… lot of things changing, not much to work on.. I feel I should explore other areas of HR too, like Generalist role. I want to quit from here take a break and…


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5 Things I have learned Coaching Recruiters


I spend my all day, every day coaching Recruitment Professionals who exist at all levels of this crazy game.  I am often surprised at how much we all have in common.  Here are just a few of those silly things:


1.  Someone once told us that Recruiting is EASY.


Every time I meet a Recruiter the first thing they say to me is, “I don’t know how I became a Recruiter.” 


They of course remember the person who got them into…


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Summer is here and its arrival is signified by the first week of July being one of shortest work weeks of the year.  This is the week when the recruitment industry likes to put their rumor mill in high gear and starts spreading the myth “no one hires in the summer.”    This gives average performing Recruitment Professionals the opportunity to go on an extended guilt free vacation.  The Recruitment Professional still working back in the office is just like the good Farmer.  They understand…


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Are you a Fee Worthy Recruiter?


Recruitment professionals spend their days sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates that a client will hopefully pay a fee for.  Did you ever stop to think that you, as a Recruitment Professional, are also worthy of a…


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5 Ways Recruiters Sabotage Their Own Careers


As the Recruiter’s Career Coach, I sometimes think that I have seen it all.  Then I get that next phone call from a Recruiter scrambling to find a new position.  As Recruitment Professionals we are the experts on everyone else’s career, but what happens to our own?

Here are just a few…


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Are You Being Treated Fairly?

Recruiters and Sales people alike are constantly looking over their shoulders back at their employer and wondering “Is this a fair deal?” 

From the view of Recruiter’s desk or in the car of an Account Executive, of course the answer is a resounding No!  You of course are breaking your neck to get the deal done, all of this while the boss sits there screaming “more, more, more…!”

Sound familiar?  Well it should.  We all know that to have a good sustainable business, the…


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It's Time To Grow-up and Be A CEO!


Staffing Agencies are amazing microcosms. They often have the potential to go from zero revenue to a million dollars in a week.  With this earning potential, you will find some of the greatest entrepreneurs playing in and around the Recruiting Industry.  These entrepreneurs are extremely independent…


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A Simple Little Idea….Isn't it worth a try?

Isn't it worth a try?


I often witness Independent Recruiters are living fee to fee, and that every deal they work on is do or die for them.  This is no way to run a viable, stable business. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • Stabilize monthly projections by generating recuing monthly revenue?
  • Know your clients will call you before ANYONE else?
  • Have your customer treat you like the valued hiring consultant you…

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Partnerships in the Recruiting Industry can creating a winning dynamic or spell certain disaster. Before jumping into any form a business partnership consider the following thoughts:


SHARE THE SAME VISION ~ For any partnership to be successful, everyone  involved must agree…


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Is your Staffing Agency a “JOB” or a “Business”?

Many of us open our own boutique agencies thinking we are going to make a million dollars and get the hell out of this recruiting business.  Far too many Recruiters dismay that once their candidate is placed and the fee has been paid the only way to make any additional revenue is to start the whole process over again.  This may look like a business from the outside, but when you peel back the…


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What are Recruiters made of????



Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails

That's what Recruiters are made of !"

What are little HR Professionals made of?

"Sugar and spice and all things nice

That's what HR Professionals are made of!"


When you are…


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Do Recruiting Professionals need a company email address?

A client and I have been having this ongoing discussion about what kind of first impressions Recruiting Professionals are making when they send an email from an AOL, GMAIL or Hotmail account.

As a candidate, client or as a Recruiting Professional ~

Is it important to have a company email address? Why or Why not?

What kind of impression does a Recruiting professional give you when they send an email from a NON-COMPANY email address?

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Do you even know what BURNOUT looks like??


There are 8,766 hours in a year, and out of those hours the average Recruiting Professional spends about 520 hours commuting, 3,120 working a desk, and, if they are lucky, 2,190 hours sleeping.  Add all of these hours up and you have 2,936 to take care of your family, friends and yourself.  Is this unusual?…


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Recruiters ~ How many hours do you work a week?

Just a quick question...

I coach a number of Recruiting Professionals and I am seeing a large swing in the amount of hours these Recruiters are work to be productive. I am curious to know....

On average how many hours do you work a week?
What are your most productive days and times during that week?
What is your least favorite day and time of the week and why?

Thanks for the insight!!!

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YO MANAGEMENT!!! Time to get with the TIMES!!!!


imagine this for just a moment….It’s the busiest shopping day of the year and you, like thousand of other executives, Managers and business owners, are there to get the best deals possible. You spend your valuable time selecting just the right product, and now it’s time to cash out. As you approach the front of the store, you hear someone shouting demands at the back of someone leaving. As you approach the check out, the shouting becomes clearer, and you catch some…


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A Recruitment…


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Why It’s Time To Replace Your Recruiting “Manager” With A “Coach”



What makes a great coach? RESULTS!!!

While we could list all the attributes such as knowledge of the sport, leadership skills, and so on, the answer is actually quite simple. I can explain Recruiting in five minutes, but it will take you five years to understand.

After 15 years of experience, I have to conclude that coaching is much more art than science. While a good coach is always trying to learn more, the only real measure of a coach is…


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