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9 Pinterest Pointers for Organizations

Summary: If you’re contemplating establishing a Pinterest presence for your organization, or are just getting started, the nine pointers in this post will help you develop a plan for managing your engagement both initially and over time. These tips are primarily targeted to organizations that aren't focused on individual consumers (i.e., BtoB enterprises,…


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Social Media: Old Wine in New Bottles?

Why "New Tools for Doing Old Things" is not "Old Wine in New Bottles"

I began referring to social media as "new tools for doing old things" in late 2009, and I liked the idea so much I made it the tagline for The Denovati Group's predecessor, Social Media in Organizations (SMinOrgs).

Not everyone shared my enthusiasm for the concept,…


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The Early Bird Gets the Worm, but the Brave Bird Gets... the Fries?!?!

Summary: Using a bird metaphor, this post discusses the importance of taking calculated risks to achieve goals, as well as the costs associated with risk aversion. The lessons offered are both timeless and uniquely relevant to the adoption of social and digital technologies. Additional lessons are welcome. (…


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Taming the Emailstrom I: 11 Ways to Control Email

Summary: Part I of a three-part series offers 11 basic suggestions to help you control email. Tips are provided for setting a strong foundation, managing the flow of messages, and clearing your inbox. Part II outlines ways to manage email throughout the day, and Part III offers tips for better email creation and delivery. Additional recommendations are welcome. (…


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Hiring Social Media Experts: Guidance for (Rookie) Buyers

Summary: Most people would agree that hiring social media experts – whether you’re looking for a consultant or to fill an in-house role – is a dicey proposition, especially for buyers who aren’t very digitally sophisticated themselves. This post provides general guidance for organizations looking to hire consultants, contractors, and/or employees to lead and help with social…


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Social Media Experts: Why Organizations Need Them

Summary: Many people are critical of the notion of social media experts, falsely claiming they don’t exist – and by extension implying they aren’t necessary. These criticisms, combined with the pervasiveness, low cost, and relative ease of use of social technologies, lead many people to assume (also falsely) that DIY and “give it to the intern” approaches are effective strategies for…


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Digital Era Careers: Putting Things in Perspective

On September 12, 2013 I had the pleasure of speaking to both MBA and undergraduate students at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. I was invited by professors Mary Hinesly and Amy Young to give a presentation entitled Your Digital Era…


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4 Big Barriers to Social Media Adoption: Key Research Findings

The results of a unique and ground-breaking research study (n=644+) indicate four main barriers to increased adoption of social technologies in organizations: lack of knowledge and understanding, unprepared leadership, fear, and the absence of a well-grounded business case. This post highlights those findings and offers recommendations for overcoming the barriers. It also…


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Digital Era Lessons from “The Old Phone on the Wall”

The anonymous story of "The Old Phone on the Wall" offers five Digital Era lessons about technology and human connection. This post shares the story and highlights the lessons. Readers are invited to share their take-aways from the tale as well. (Phone image from Bill Barber)


In the summer of 2012, someone shared the story of "The Old Phone…


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10 Digital Era Truths (that still must be realized)

This post reminds readers – especially technology hold outs – of ten Digital Era truths that individuals, organizations, and communities must accept and (eventually) embrace. Other truths are welcome.

In the summer of 2011 I wrote a blog post about the vital role social and digital technologies played in the planning and execution of a road trip in the American West (…


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Tech Tip: Installing and Using the LinkedIn Bookmarklet

One of the most powerful features of LinkedIn is the ability to share online resources via status updates, in groups, and/or with individual contacts. Doing so allows professionals to open a dialogue about the topic being shared and learn from others in their fields. The LinkedIn bookmarklet is a great tool to facilitate this sharing; however, many people are either unaware…


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The Social Media ROI Challenge: Are We Making Progress?

(August 28, 2013) This post addresses the social media ROI (return on investment) question, focusing in particular on whether we're making progress in terms of the challenges put forth by organizational leaders and other experienced professionals who have been resisting increased digital engagement. Playing off the ROI acronym, it provides alternatives for interpreting the ROI argument. It then…


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Wordle Tips for Rookies: Why, Where, What and How

Wordle is a great – and free! – resource for creating word clouds. In recruiting in particular, it's a great tool for assessing job postings and other descriptive information. This post offers a primer for organizations and individual professionals in particular that addresses Why, Where, What, and How and shares specific Wordle tips. Additional tips, examples and applications are…


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Social Media Engagement: 9 Reasons Why Less is More

In the time-crunched, information-overloaded, do-more-with-less world we work in, maintaining the right level of social media engagement is a daunting proposition. For individuals and organizations just getting started, it can be completely overwhelming – there’s so much to do! This post strives to reduce some of the barriers to social media engagement by illustrating the importance…


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LinkedIn Endorsements: What You Can and Can't Manage

The LinkedIn Endorsements feature has become very popular, even though it has not been universally well received. No matter what you may think of them, it appears they may become a permanent feature of LinkedIn profiles. This post addresses some of the logistical challenges of managing endorsements by providing an overview of which aspects can and can't be managed. It concludes with a request for…


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The Social Media Quiz (SMQ): Assessing Sophistication

The Denovati Social Media Quiz (SMQ) has been one of the most popular SMART Resources we have created. Now approaching its fifth year of use, the third version generally represents the universe of social media sites and tools and can be used to quickly capture people’s knowledge and experience. This post provides an overview and a link to the latest version of the quiz on…


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Soliciting Feedback re: Digital Era Challenges

The Denovati Group's primary objective is to help individuals and organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness at leveraging social and digital technologies. To continue to maximize the value we provide through our products and services (most of which are free), we have created a 10-question survey that asks folks to identify the biggest Digital Era challenges and…


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Digital Era Terms and Expressions: Sharing Favorites

What's in a word? A lot, more often than not! Language is a powerful reflection of the world in which we live and the realities we must embrace, a fluid and ever-changing reminder that neither time nor progress stands still. This post shares some of my favorite Digital Era terms and expressions and invites others to participate in a crowdsourcing exercise to expand the…


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Do People Need Social Media Training? Yes. And (Much) More.

Earlier this year I shared my thoughts about online social learning communities in response to a…


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Job Search in the Digital Era


There is a more current version of the slide deck referenced in this post

on the The Denovati SlideShare Channel.



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