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Mentoring a Millennial is a Win-Win for Everyone

The shifting personal and work values of the newer generation are creating an opportunity for a bilateral beneficial relationship between manager and millennial. Mentorship is something millennials crave, but are not receiving.

A study found that only 2% of college-educated Millennials …


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How Gamification Can Help (and Hurt) Your Employee Engagement

Success stories touting gamification’s success abound. Recently, the spotlight’s been on companies like Dailybreak, who’ve used gamification to engage customers and reaped the incredible profits. As Dailybreak has shown, the market for…


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Wake Up and Find Out How to Truly Motivate in the Workplace

What makes a happy employee? Perhaps free lunches, a new puppy… maybe even ongoing employee education will do the trick. Maintaining a motivated office is far more important than many believe. So much so, the cost of unhappy, unengaged employees in the workforce is up to $300 billion in the U.S. annually. This is not a…


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Streamline Your Training Process to Fill the Skills Gap

The job market is beginning to resemble a field of round holes littered with square pegs. While 11 million Americans are looking for jobs, 4 million jobs are looking for workers. The reason those two numbers don’t meet each…


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Quantity vs. Quality: The Group and the Panel Interview

Looking ahead for what the "Next Big Thing" in hiring will be, we should consider what this year’s recruiters have at their disposal. More specifically, 63% of recruiters will have a higher hiring volume in 2015 (up from 43%…


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How to Cast a Vision for Your Company in 2015

After a few months into the new year, it’s easy to turn your back on your New Year’s resolutions. However, in order for your business to accomplish its goals this year, you must persevere. In order to make a real and lasting change, you have to understand where the weaknesses are in your company so you can actively plan how to change them…


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Hiring 101: How to Hire Even If You Have No Experience in Hiring

Medium and small businesses don’t always have the dedicated HR staff of large organizations. With that said, recruiting and hiring are often performed by individuals who don’t have the same training and experience as most HR professionals. Even if you’re new to the hiring and recruiting processes, there are tools at your disposal to better your…


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What Are Good Communication Skills and Why Do We Need Them?

Recruiters and job seekers alike see the words “Communication skills” plastered on just about every job ad they read or write, and with good reason. It’s cited as the #1 desired …


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The Skill No One is Talking About...Yet

Tech, interpersonal communication, and teamwork skills are just some of the prerequisites for many jobs. But there are other attributes that should deem a candidate worthy of further consideration. The paramount trait of these unspoken skills is creativity. It’s more than the chair you made… it’s how you made it.…


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Gender Gaps in Workplace Mentor Programs

It’s rude to let someone walk around with a piece of spinach in their teeth from lunch, right? Well, there’s a piece of spinach in your training and mentorship program. Although there have been great advances in closing the gender gap, it’s still present in some aspects of the workplace. Mentoring programs are still affected by the gap.

Women hold the…


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6 Reasons to Develop a Mentorship-style Training Program

Growing up, children often look up to their parents for guidance. However, that guidance doesn’t have to stop in professional adulthood. Kevin Systrom, Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, and other technology all-stars all had mentors. What does each of these people have in common? Their businesses were successful with the help of mentors in the last 15 years.…


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The Value of Interns: Paid or Unpaid

Internships are requirements for many college degrees and a distinct pathway to new experiences when looking into new career fields. Some students are lucky to get vital work experience in their internship… others not so much. Are your interns getting more than your morning coffee?

Interns – paid or unpaid – are…


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The ROI of Quality Workplace Training

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – …


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What is a Learning Culture & How Do I Get One?

David Garvin, co-author of Is Yours a Learning Organizationsaid learning cultures are two things:

1.  Skilled in creating, acquiring, interpreting, transferring and retaining knowledge

2.  Able to modify behavior in response…


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Your 5 Onboarding Danger Zones

The final stage of the recruitment process is after the candidate is hired; after all of the paperwork and the interviews, the onboarding begins. Sometimes, bringing on a new employee to the team can be just as stressful for the supervisor as it is the new hire. “Onboarding is a make-or-break process,” said Katherine Jones, lead…


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The Horror Stories that Likely Led to Bad ATS Testimonials

American Horror Story? Try ATS Horror Story. This tale may not be filled with ghouls and scary wardrobe changes, but it instills in recruiters and hiring managers a similar aversion for the poor HR systems. They purchased – or rented – these massive tools in order to help the recruiting process, but unfortunately they didn’t have the means to make an educated decision. At…


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An ATS as Outdated as Your Grandpa's Phone

“Technology won’t change bad habits, cease professional grudges, make up for inadequate knowledge nor make bad managers great leaders.” - @LevyRecruits

Dealing with a cellphone like your traditional flip-phone, or your standard 1980s give-you-brain-tumors phone, isn’t easy in today’s…


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The Serial Killers of Company Culture

In the words of the corpses in The Nightmare Before Christmas, “This is Halloween.” It’s a time filled with scary movies, fantastic costumes, candy, and – the real horror – villain look-a-likes in the office. These individuals ruin company culture quicker than a cinematic serial killer takes his victims.

Hannibal Lecter



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One Flew Over the ATS

Type in “passing the applicant tracking system,” or “resumes and applicant tracking systems,” and the first things that come up are articles upon articles detailing how applicants can at least get their resume in front of human eyes. Companies receive a plethora of resumes from applicants who aren’t necessarily qualified for the position, but they had fantastic resumes. However,…


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