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Great Hiring Quotes From The World’s Greatest CEOs

Bill Gates. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

When I was 9 years old and hoping to become the next great Mets pitcher, my father’s advice was pretty simple: watch Rich Wlodarczyk.

Rich, who was 11, was the best pitcher on my little league…


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Five of the Worst Hires of the 21st Century

We’ve written a lot about great hires who turned fledgling organizations around with their talent and will. Our point was to show the impact a single hire can make, as one visionary can transform a company on the verge of bankruptcy into a massive success.



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Death To The Resume Scanner!

Companies have a problem today, particularly well-known ones: because the Internet keeps everyone connected and a lot of people want to work at these prestigious organizations, their HR teams are being overloaded with job applications.

So, many large corporations today rely…


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Survey Reveals Surprising Top Challenge Facing America’s CEOs

Elon Musk was cited as the entrepreneur CEOs admire the most. Credit: Heisenberg Media

Inc. Magazine recently conducted its…


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5 Steps To Building The Perfect Job Interview

Hiring well is crucial to any organization’s success, and an important part of that is the interview. After all, the resume can give you some basics, but the interview is your primary chance to uncover real insight about your applicant pool.

But how does that happen? Can…


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The Only Competitive Edge That Matters In Business

Google was not the first search engine. Amazon was not the first eCommerce site. Walmart was not the first big-box department store.

And yet all three are at the top of their respective industries. Why?

Execution. And that all comes down to hiring the right people.

The point is it…


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Why The Dallas Cowboys Are Both Great And Awful At Hiring

Jerry Jones is both the best and worst owner in the NFL. Credit: Themeplus

Can somebody be both the best in the business and worst in the business at the exact same job?

Yes. Just look at Jerry Jones.

The Dallas Cowboys…


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Survey: 1 In 4 Workers Searching For A New Job

A recent LinkedIn survey of 18,000 full-time workers across the world revealed that a quarter of them are actively looking for a new job and 85 percent would at least be willing to talk to a recruiter.

Of the 18,000 workers surveyed, 25 percent said they are looking for…


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The Smart Way to Ask Stupid Interview Questions

Google used to ask brainteasers, but have since moved away from them. Credit: Pixabay

To get into the University of Chicago, applicants have to write an essay based off promptsprovided by the…


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Are ‘Ban-The-Box’ Hiring Laws A Good Idea?

Ban-the-Box laws seek to give convicts a better chance of getting hired. Credit: Pixbay

Last week, Gov. Chris Christie signed the Opportunity to Compete Act …


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Four Prominent Views On America’s Minimum Wage

At this year’s State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama made headlines by asking Congress to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10.

It was a bold move by the president, as minimum wage has always been a political hornets’ nest. Liberals have argued that workers need to earn a living wage, whereas hardcore conservatives question the need for minimum wage laws at all.



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Why I Don’t Rule Out Failures While Hiring

Credit: geralt,

By Paul Petrone and Bill Palifka

Hey recruiters and hiring managers – the right failure is okay.

In hiring, everyone is looking for that superstar,…


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Why The Job Interview Shouldn’t Be About Selling The Job

There is a misnomer floating around cyberspace that the job interview should be just as much about the hiring manager selling the job to the candidate as it is the candidate selling themselves to the hiring…


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Why ESPN’s Career Site Is Awesome

Monday, I spent the day looking through career pages to find the best ones on the web. And while I saw many fantastic pages - including Bonobos, …


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The Critical Hiring Data You’re Not Collecting

Warren Buffett puts a premium on collecting behavioral data while hiring. Credit: Pete Souza

When you analyze how we initially screen job applicants, something becomes obvious: it is all about what the applicants have done (or said they’ve done), instead of finding out who the people really are.

Think about it. Looking at a resume – 80 percent of which contain misleading statements, and 53…


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Marvel and DC: Similar Companies; Very Different Job Descriptions

Marvel’s Spiderman and DC’s Batman. Credit: DJKAYE, deviantart

DC and Marvel have been foes since the 1930s, when the two companies began printing comic books. Since, they…


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America’s $300 Billion Employee Engagement Problem – And How To Fix It

So what’s the most expensive problem facing American organizations today?

Employees who don’t want to be there.…


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Why Employers Should Ditch The Unstructured Job Interview

There are a few things that can kill a business. Some bad publicity. A defective part. A lawsuit.

And the unstructured job interview.

There have been several in-depth studies on unstructured job interviews, and most of them say the same thing: they are bad predictors…


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The Becky Hammon Hire Is Great; But The Glass Ceiling Still Exists

Despite the Becky Hammon hire, the glass ceiling still exists. Credit: Robert Douglass

Tuesday, Becky Hammon, a WNBA legend, …


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5 Unique Hiring Practices At 5 Iconic Companies

There are thousands of ways companies hire. Some have exceptionally-structured processes where everything is tracked and recorded and others have people come in and a hiring manager will “trust their gut.”

Interested, we wanted to find some of the most unique hiring processes at some of the largest companies in America.

The following five companies are all among…


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