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All The Career Advice I Wish I Had...

There's really no need for me to even blog any more when Goldman Sachs Elevator already says everything that I want to say only he says it better. 

The Goldman Sachs Guide to Crushing Your Wall Street Internship

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Go Padres!!!

"People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring."

- Rogers Hornsby

I can't be more excited about the start of baseball season! I truly love the game and can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be on a Sunday afternoon other than the ballpark. Hope springs eternal this time of year as well, and despite a less-than-stellar start, I'm still holding out hope that my Padres might make…


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Best Recruiting Joke Ever

Okay, it might be a stretch to call this a recruiting joke, but it does start off with a guy looking for a job through the want ads. Enjoy.

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My Best Resume Tips

I'm not sure that my friends and family really know what I do for a living, but they have some vague sense that I'm a "recruiter" and that I know at least a little something about jobs and hiring and stuff... As such, I've become a de facto, go-to resource for resume advice.

The suggestions I dole out will vary of course, and depend quite a bit on who I'm talking to, the type position and industry they're looking for and how much time I feel like investing. But I have a few…


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Is Your Hiring Process to Long & Arduous?

A fantastic article was published recently on the "10 Deadly Sins of Talent Management..."



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A Little Fun re: Summer Internships

Every year at about this time, businesses and students alike start gearing up for Summer Internships. For businesses, it can be a great way to utilize inexpensive (or sometimes free) labor. For students, its an entry-way into the "real world" and a way to boost their resume in preparation for post-graduate life.

For some industries and firms, the competition for certain, particularly prestigious internships is as, if not more, cutthroat and competitive than for actual jobs. Goldman…


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A Decade of Decadence

My firm, General Ledger Resources ( celebrates our 10th year anniversary on Cinco de Mayo. Here is the press release marking the occasion:

San Diego, CA, May 5, 2013 –General Ledger Resources, a leading Southern California finance and accounting human capital consultancy, announced that today marks its 10 year corporate anniversary. 

Founded by two San Diego entrepreneurs, Anthony Thornburg and…


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A Brief Follow-Up to “Don’t Bluff a Recruiter”

A while ago, I wrote an article which highlighted some of the similarities between poker and recruiting. The article was very well received, earning over 1100 “shares” via LinkedIn, and several  comments, emails and responses from recruiting professional.

Most of the feedback was positive, but there was some constructive criticism and questions that I want to address here now.  

The focus of my article was about planning and how important it is for a recruiter to spend his time…


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Infallible Logic

I once heard a story about a CEO who had a rather unusual strategy for culling through resumes.


This successful and brash leader of a large, well known company would print all the resumes he received for an open position an put them in a stack in no particular order. He would then take half the resumes right off the top of the pile and throw them straight in the garbage without giving them a second look.


One day a precocious young human resources employee…


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Once Upon a Time...

Once Upon a Time…

There is a story I heard many years ago when I first got started in the recruiting business. As I recall, it went something like this:

"A reporter asked Bill Gates to name who he thought was Microsoft’s biggest competitor. Rather than name Apple or Oracle or some other up-and-coming technology or software firm, he answered simply and quickly: “Goldman Sachs.” When the reporter inquired further, somewhat surprised with Gates’ answer, he explained that…


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