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A Radical Reductionist Analysis of the "Purple Squirrel" Idiom

Really?  "Purple Squirrel"?

Is that the best you can come up with to describe an 'unfindable' candidate?

I remember seeing red squirrels for the first time in 1976, in the Vienna Graveyard, while I made my pilgrimage to the tombs of Beethoven, Schoenberg, the Strausses, Schubert, and other great Viennese super-composers.  "Rock-stars", if you will, to reinvent another overused phrase.

I had never seen red squirrels, before, so I was pretty amazed with them, as there were…


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Silicon-Valley superstar/rockstar/billionaire Vinod Khosla (his brother is a professor at Stanford, I believe) has provided an infusion of Venture Capital to an interesting and very different career-oriented website called Pymetrics; which actually provides some very interesting interactive tests to evaluate skills, traits, talents, etc.

I learned that I have a high degree of skepticism, am very undeterred by my own mistakes,…


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"Recruiters Are Only Middlemen"

Some newbie, "wannabe" (i.e. 'nutcase') decided to weigh in on one of my posts (now deleted and blocked) with the sage comment: "Recruiters are no big deal.  They are just middlemen."  Bright comment to leave on a blog site populated by 50,000 recruiters, right?

I thought about this a while, and came up with a rebuttal of sorts: 

"Please excuse me for being a middleman while I sell you down-river, to someone important, then..."

The very word "entrepreneur" is at…


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Boolean "Keyword" Search and Glial Cells

One of the fairly persistent complaints I have heard from non-recruiters about what recruiters do is "You only match buzzwords and keywords. Even a monkey can do that.  You are a talentless fool who could only make a living being a parasite off of gainfully employed people."

Of course, this is a complete fallacy, which we all know.  Firstly, as someone who actually studied Boolean Logic as a Philosophy major at Princeton University (which was the World's highest-rated academic…


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Cyberbullying Ring Targets Recruiters

Owing to some very sloppy programming, by a rather amateurish Ruby coder, I was able to exploit a vulnerability in and determine the number of actual email addresses that received claimed 'spam' sent by recruiters. As far as I can tell, the number is 460, although possibly it is as low as 57 people using multiple "spam-trap" addresses, which is an illegal and deceptive practice recently ruled by the Courts to be…


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Uncertainty, Indeterminacy and Salary Negotiations

I'm trying to understand the principles of "Information Asymmetry and Salary Negotiation".  Has anyone read any new research on this topic which can prove one way or another whether the 'first person to name a number' loses?  I don't believe that entirely, although in some situations I do.  My client was upset that I told a candidate the top of the salary range, although the candidate was $100K per year above the salary range, but still interested in the job, even after I tried to…


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Executive Search as A Science

I think Executive Search is a field of study with somewhat contradictory parts to it -- for instance, that there is an emphasis on thoroughness, diligence, exhaustiveness, finding ALL possible solutions, etc.; but, there is also a high emphasis on intuitionistic processes, like deciding which candidate to call, guessing who might be most interested, anticipating what objections a client might have to a specific candidate, etc.

So, I see it as both an Art and a Science.  Nonetheless,…


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Carts and Horses and Google and Search

My friend, a candidate I placed 15 years ago at MicroOptical Corporation (the company Google bought the "Google Glass" patents from) is a former Everest climber, who wrote the book on the search for Mallory and Irvine (first team to summit Everest in 1924, but died on the descent).

He has a client who has developed a search engine that is much better than Google or Bing (much more specific, no extraneous results, searches text perfectly to find results, understands text rather than…


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Shameless Rerun of "To A 'T'" by Jack Thornton, but with a tiny bit of help from me.

"To a 'T'"…


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What Do Recruiters Search For?

Here is an excellent article I co-wrote, primarily as a researcher and provider of facts, and editor, with Jack Thornton (a splendid technical writer).

Imbued with a few of my favorite key phrases (i.e. "bleeding edge", etc.) this article does attempt to encompass, and indeed manages to capture, the complexities of Technical Search (not only in Mechanical Engineering, but in multiple other fields, as well).

In my experience, the goal of a Search is almost always to identify…


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Lessons Learned: Ethics

At least three people that I have placed in the past decade (still at their jobs, at the same companies) have made over $500,000 this year. This feels good to know -- some people benefited from my work...

What's really interesting is that all three of those people actually asked me to help them find other jobs, because they weren't that happy at the companies after a year or two.  

I was very attentive to their concerns, but remained hands-off as much as possible, given the…


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What is My Work Worth?

People sometimes complain about "enormous" Headhunter fees, where we are paid something on the order of lawyers' hourly rates.  I found this an interesting problem to analyze:  Are we worth our salt?

When I perform a search correctly, my work results in millions of dollars of value to my client, sometimes even billions. I think recruiters are way underpaid for what they provide as a service, and I would say there are very few lawyers out there that have my skills or…


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Who REALLY Sucks? Scientific Study

This is a fairly frivolous research project, but I have heard so many people complaining in the past year about how 'recruiters suck', that I was motivated to go do some research, using the Google Chrome Search Engine to obtain data about what, or who, or which professions, vegetables, computer languages,…


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Why Recruiters Definitively Don't Suck

It's time to take an aggressive position against this prevalent and disappointing trend of demeaning recruiters.  It's almost become a fad for recruiters to write blogs about how recruiters suck, so that they can distinguish themselves against the others... their main 'selling point' being that they 'suck…


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Great Article on the Virtues of Fencing as Preparation for Business

This is a terrific article which reinforces some of the points I have tried to make previously. Not really a recruiting article, per se, but the principles have definitely proven true in my life: 25 years as a fencer and 25 years as a recruiter.  Learning to cultivate "fighting spirit" is only one of the many lessons I've learned.  Let me reiterate that I am not the author of this article, but it resonates so deeply with me that I must share it.…


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"A Diamond Is Just a Piece of Carbon"

When people attempt to belittle us with radical reductionism, we might try responding with: "Sure, Archaeologists and Paleontologists are just ditch-diggers; Brain surgeons and heart surgeons are just people who love to cut and saw people; Accountants merely do grade school math for a living; Attorneys lie and do crimes professionally; Diplomats are weak-spined pusillanimous cowards who try to avert wars instead of bravely fighting them; Nurses are such despicable lepers and pariahs…


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Welcome to the United States of Canada

This week (on Canada Day, July 1, 2014) Canada's new CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Laws) went into effect.  There will be a 3-year transition period, before full enforcement goes into effect, but the gist of the situation is that (according to everything I have read), Canadian citizens will be allowed to sue any emails sent from 'unopted' sources (i.e. sources to whom or from which they haven't given explicit permission to send email).  

The fines are staggering: $1 million per offense for…


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Wingate Dunross Receives USTCRI Business Ethics Award


Wingate Dunross Inc. receives 2013 California Excellence Award 

July 1st 2014 -  Wingate Dunross Inc. has been selected for the 2013 California Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCRI).

Each year the USTCRI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their…


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Who Sets The Standards for "Best Practices"?

Friendly debate about methods of recruiting is appropriate, but personal attacks which are based in ignorance and/or jealousy are not. Before you launch into a sermon on 'the only way to recruit' and the 'evils' of some other recruiter's methods, pause a moment… Continue

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What Is It Like to Recruit for 'The Genius'? Response to a Journalistic 'Hatchet Job'

An article well worth reading for any technical recruiter, involved with VC funded startups and high-tech inventors!  


It’s a very interesting article, but it begs a lot of questions. I’ve met Mike, and worked as a Recruiter for him, to identify…


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