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How to Beat the ‘Bots – Advice for Applying to Jobs Online

            Ever since the first online job application process was used, several decades ago, the practice of automation of the process has continued, and even accelerated at a dizzying rate.  Today, it is very customary for most larger companies (and even small startups) to use Candidate tracking…


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"Filling a Leadership Vacuum" by Doug Peckover


In my effort to invent new ways to expand the range of possibilities available to Executive Recruiters/Management Consultants, I am currently working on a fascinating project with Inventor Doug Peckover who was awarded priority rights to the invention of "tokenization" security in 2005. Doug's invention is now widely used (in various modified forms) throughout the secure payments industry, and companies like ApplePay, SamsungPay, Verifone, etc. all use tokenization…


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Why Do Recruiters Spam Candidates?

Allison Kruse wrote a thoughtful article on the issue of excessive amounts of email being sent by recruiters.  I do applaud her concern and think that she has a good point.  

At the same time, I wonder how many placements she has made in the realm of technical search, where there are…


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Épée, "Human Factors" and Headhunting

From a Historical perspective, Recruiting has certainly been around for thousands of years, and, expectationally, will definitely continue to exist for a long, long time (at least if Humanity continues to exist).  

But, will "Headhunting" continue to exist?  The mere word evokes images of primitive…


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Is There Really a Gene for Headhunting?

As someone with scientific training, related to a Nobel geneticist (a farmer/agriculturalist) it has piqued my curiosity whether or not there really is a "gene" for hunting (and/or "headhunting").  Using the results of my DNA test from, I plugged…


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Google Announces "Quantum Cryptography" Initiative

Let's face it -- quantum computers are real, and they will eventually be able to crack any kind of encryption.  This means data cannot be safely stored.  We've already seen major hacking by the Chinese, Russians, etc. of NSA, DOD and other classified institutions' data.  The highly probable leak…


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Headhunters as Brokers of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Brokerage:  Headhunters (like me) don't sell Intellectual Property, but we do sell introductions and connections with Inventors and Innovators who create valuable IP (Intellectual Property). How does one become a broker of Intellectual Properties (via referrals) and how does…


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On The Value of CEOs and Headhunters

In response to an excellent article in Financial Times (Nov. 16, 2015) by Andrew Hill, I posted this and was pleased to receive 'editor's pick' notice.  Here is a link to the article, which I have previously posted on LinkedIn and elsewhere:…


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What Not To Do When Publishing Articles

I like to publish small snippets periodically, because it's fun to write and think, and I like to share my thoughts with others.  However, it's another matter altogether when I see someone with a year of experience in recruiting, after previously being a hairdresser, passing off a classic article on "Counteroffers" on LinkedIn as his own work.  

3000+ views is a lot of attention for a recruiter to grab, but it would certainly have been much more ethical to do his own work, wouldn't…


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Searching for Fluorescent Reptiles

Recently, a new scientific discovery was made, which was that a fluorescent sea-turtle of the Hawksbill variety was discovered in Papua, New Guinea. I haven't been to Papua, yet, but it is on my 'bucket list'.

Apparently, scientists had never previously conceived the idea of a fluorescent…


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SETI, Snowden and Search

Since the 'invention' of fire, there have been times when History was clearly diverted from a previous course by intervening events and the influences of people.  In this instance, I offer an example wherein an otherwise "free agent" has become ensnared in his own web of deception, by becoming a parrot of my own recruiting pitch to Time-travelers.  Apparently, he wants "out" of this Universe, entirely.  I can understand, to some degree.…


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Do We Really Need to Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk both think that Robots and Artificial Intelligences might eventually try to take over the world and destroy life as we know it, in a "Terminator" kind of doomsday scenario.  

I think people like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are…


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Why Should I Use a 'Spammer' Like You as a Recruiter?


I sometimes receive email from people who appear to have mental illness, asking the question: “Why would I use a spammer like you as a recruiter?”  Although this is clearly a loaded question, based on the false presumption of email contact by recruiters being ‘spam’, it does deserve an answer and provokes thought.

Firstly, you can call anything you want whatever you want to, up to a point.  Shakespeare wrote “A rose by any…


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Discuss Amongst Yourselves

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Just For Fun: How To Respond to Scam IRS Tax Fraud Calls

I've gotten three calls in the past two days from people with very thick Indian accents claiming that I have been indicted for tax fraud and that it is a "non-bailable charge" which will result in me being jailed if I do not pay quickly. This is a prevalent scam these days, which the IRS has warned the public about.

Apart from the fact that I my Dad works with the IRS, (he has a special license to practice tax accounting defense in front of the IRS that most accountants don't have), I…


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How Does One Become a Headhunter?

Some of you might have some great answers, too. It's an interesting question!

No prior experience in Human Resources is required. Probably it is a negative, even, to some people. HR People and Headhunters are different breeds, like cats and dogs (which sometimes get along very…


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A Radical Reductionist Analysis of the "Purple Squirrel" Idiom

Really?  "Purple Squirrel"?

Is that the best you can come up with to describe an 'unfindable' candidate?

I remember seeing red squirrels for the first time in 1976, in the Vienna Graveyard, while I made my pilgrimage to the tombs of Beethoven, Schoenberg, the Strausses, Schubert, and other great Viennese super-composers.  "Rock-stars", if you will, to reinvent another overused phrase.

I had never seen red squirrels, before, so I was pretty amazed with them, as there were…


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Silicon-Valley superstar/rockstar/billionaire Vinod Khosla (his brother is a professor at Stanford, I believe) has provided an infusion of Venture Capital to an interesting and very different career-oriented website called Pymetrics; which actually provides some very interesting interactive tests to evaluate skills, traits, talents, etc.

I learned that I have a high degree of skepticism, am very undeterred by my own mistakes,…


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"Recruiters Are Only Middlemen"

Some newbie, "wannabe" (i.e. 'nutcase') decided to weigh in on one of my posts (now deleted and blocked) with the sage comment: "Recruiters are no big deal.  They are just middlemen."  Bright comment to leave on a blog site populated by 50,000 recruiters, right?

I thought about this a while, and came up with a rebuttal of sorts: 

"Please excuse me for being a middleman while I sell you down-river, to someone important, then..."

The very word "entrepreneur" is at…


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