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Job Titles 101

In my daily travels as a job board owner, I see job titles by the dozen. They list the typical and sometimes strange positions: Sales Rep, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Director and even one for Beer Pong Marketing Manager. But too many of them fail to describe the job and entice the reader.

So here's a few tips to jazz up your job…

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4 tips for using job boards

There seems to be a slew of articles this week about job boards so I thought I'd add something to the conversation.

Having run job boards for several years, I have learned a few things about maximizing your ROI when it comes to posting jobs.

Employers need job sites to promote their openings, and that will never change. Employers aren't good at marketing, job boards are.

So what can you do to make your…

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The Sorry State of RSS Feeds in ATS

For the past 6 months I have been scouring the web looking for RSS feeds to index on my green job search engine, GreenJobSpider. What I have seen shocks and dismays me.

As I troll targeted company career pages in search of the elusive feeds, two things strike me as lacking in the world of applicant tracking systems (ATS).

1. Most ATS simply dont even provide an…

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5 free sites to promote your press release

I spend a lot of time on content marketing. The web is full of various ways to promote your site or business. For recruiters or others in the online job search space, promotion is key to success. So with that in mind here are six free places to post your news items or press releases.

You may be familiar with some of these but I'll bet a few will be new to you.

1. Job Boarders: a companion site to…

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When do job hunters job hunt?

The other day I got a call from a client who wanted to post a job on a friday afternoon in 'anticipation' of a weekend rush by job seekers. The problem with her theory however is that it's completely wrong. That thinking may have been prevalent in the age of the newspaper, but in the age of online job sites the stats tell a different story.

The figure below suggests that Mondays are actually the best day of the week to post a job. I did a screen shot of my web…

Added by Chris Russell on April 14, 2010 at 6:15pm — 3 Comments

Does your recruiting tell a story?

They say every picture tells a story. Well, I think the same is true for new media (podcast/video/blogs) when it comes to recruiting the next generation of talent. Take a look at at what 2 innovative companies are doing with their new media initiatives.

One is Sodexo which recently launched its own career podcast show called the Sodexo CareerCast…


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Twitter Job Search Guide (podcast)

This groundbreaking guide from three leading career experts will show you how Twitter can energize your job search and advance your career in just 15 minutes a day. Join millions of users who in few characters than a standard text message have exponentially increased the size of their personal and professional networks by changing ideas, demonstrating… Continue

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Is green the next opportunity for recruiters?

Unless you've been living under a rock lately you've probably heard talk of green/cleantech energy as the linchpin of the 21st century economy.

Over the past year and a half I have started a number of green job boards to take advantage of this trend. After seeing first hand, the number and types of jobs being created I am convinced more than ever of this industry's potential. I've also…

Added by Chris Russell on March 4, 2010 at 10:54am — 1 Comment

7 Signs of a Good Niche Job Board

Recently I was on the Recruiting Animal show when the topic of how to spot a good job board came up. As a staunch defender of niche job sites, here are my top ten signs of a good job board. Look for these when considering posting your jobs...

1. They advertise: any good job board worth its salt will do some advertising to attract traffic. Make sure you see some google ads or ads on related content sites. Also be sure…

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Tips for producing your recruiting video

Creating a recruiting video for your company is one of the new ways to tap new media to recruit. Its main goal should be as an employment branding tool that showcases your employees and give a sense of whats its like to work there. That is something we do well at my company Jobs in Pods. But any company can create a video, its cheap and easy to do.…


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How to Syndicate Your Recruiting Videos

Jobs in Pods, the audio jobcast company, is proud to announce the launch of their new Recruitment Video Distribution Service (RViDS) for employers. Traditionally, recruiting videos have just been accessible on the company career page but this new syndication service will distribute it across the internet on the top video sharing sites and podcast directories.

“Employers are increasingly looking to get their media into the hands of passive candidates for branding and… Continue

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Hear all your favorite recruiter shows on RECRUITER RADIO.COM

I got tired of the slow servers on blogtalk radio so I created my own version with all your favorite recruiters shows. Its called Recruiter Radio, powered by the Ning platform. Think of it as a "dashboard" for all the popular shows targeted towards recruiters and HR folks.

Hopefully I added all of the shows that are currently… Continue

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Anatomy of a Great Staffing Firm Website

I just love websites that are well designed. In my earlier days I worked as an Information Architect for companies like Digitas. And I've designed all the sites that fall under my company umbrella as the CEO of So I think I have a little credibility when it comes to recognizing good web design.

Recently one of my podcast service companies,… Continue

Added by Chris Russell on January 5, 2010 at 7:00am — 6 Comments

The Social Media Recruiter Job Description

If I were in need of talent and just starting a company one of my first hires would not be a regular recruiter. It would be a Social Media Recruiter.

I believe over the next few years many companies will be doing the same. When it comes to recruiting in social media, it is very much a human driven strategy. Its takes an actual person, not technology to do it.

There was a lot of talk at the Social Recruiting conference last month about the 'tools' but… Continue

Added by Chris Russell on December 14, 2009 at 7:30am — 13 Comments

Why New Media Recruiting is a MUST!

Here is further proof that if you use new media to communicate to your customers (aka candidates) your company will have a much more favorable impression. Research firm eMarketer released this latest info which caught my eye. Podcasting your jobs and/or Youtube are perfect examples of new media in action.

74% of users have positive impression of companies who use new…


Added by Chris Russell on October 30, 2009 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

Employers: Re-humanize yourself

Re-humanize yourself.... I work all day at the factory....I'm building a machine that's not for me.... There must be a reason that I can't see....You've got to humanize yourself -The Police

Lessons from the music world pertaining to employers dont come around often, but these lyrics ring true for today's recruiters.

Your company is faceless!

Thats right, my fellow friends, your company has no identity other than the image of a big impersonal… Continue

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Latest Jobcasts on Jobs in Pods

Recruiting with New Media is still in its infancy but here are some hip employers who are doing just that and reaping the rewards. Jobs in Pods features over the phone interviews with your employees about what its like to work there.

* Nestle Purina’s Human Resources Management Trainee Program

*… Continue

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Niche job boards: how to find them

Much has been written about the big 3 job boards as a place to find work. But those sites are just a small slice of the available job market. In the past few years companies and recruiters have begun shifting their jobs to many niche job boards - local or industry specific sites and online communities. Recruiting today is all about location and quality of hire.

Thats why these niche sites are so popular. Many charge much less (for job postings) than the big… Continue

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Creative ways to pimp your job description

If you write a lousy job description, chances are you'll get a lousy response rate. Having run my own local job boards for the past 10 years I cant tell you how many times I've seen bad job descriptions.

Job postings should inspire people to apply, not the opposite. The branding you place on these 'mini-stories' should mirror your corporate culture and promote your company as a great place to… Continue

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Jobradio's iphone app is free is a public service project that myself and Peter Clayton (Total Picture radio) launched in October of last year. The ideas is to aggregate career advice podcasts into an internet stream that plays continuously 24x7.

The goal of the station is to help make people better job seekers.

We have recently announced an iphone/ipod touch app so if you know a job seeker… Continue

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