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Silicon Valley, Center of Innovation, Center of Staffing Prowess, Center of Economic Recovery Hope

A few days ago I visited Belgatos Park in Los Gatos. Los Gatos literally means the cats. It is in this park where Mountain Lions, Deer, Bobcats, Boar, Hawks, Coyotes and a whole host of wildlife call home near the perennial Silicon Valley. It is interesting to return to nature, and view from a distance the downtown of the valley that has been at the forefront of so much change.

Wikipedia has this to say:…


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It Was A Staffing June I will Remember For Years to Come

I couldn't help but smile as I drove home today, blessings abounded as my belief in incredible possibilities in my staffing realm had all but hit me in incredible bursts.  A 4 hire day.  Something as magical as that I have had privilege of being a part of before in April, but to do it in this way well it was just a sweet little icing on the cake to a day I knew would end with some interesting moments, while I was sourcing the day away helping partner recruiters nail thier placements - my job…


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If You Build It - They Will Come

I loved "Field of Dreams" a movie that spanned so many different interesting topics and life parallels that even to this day I watch to put myself in a reflective mood.  I have been thinking about the ever-changing, and ever-evolving staffing landscape - like a field of dreams - where individuals find their work, eager companies snatch up amazing talent, and vehicles of change drive life's deals and closes - not to mention an ever changing web and technology landscape.  When my career began…


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The Recruitingblogs.com Site Up For Sale - Will You Maintain it's Value?

There are different message boards, blogs, and think engines abroad these days out in the world of staffing.  One we have grown to love is recruitingblogs.com.  It is a wonderful place where we gather to think, write, share tactics, and in so many words harness a collective wisdom of what makes greatness.


So many things to consider in how we approach our involvement here.  We the user community will be the important keys to ensure future success of this wonderful community. …


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Recruiting Greatness - A Look at What is at the Heart of Success in This Business

This is a blog that has been waiting to get out for some time.  There are many definitions about what defines greatness in this day and age - specifically about what makes for recruiting greatness - it is a topic that I find interesting.  There are many definitions that one could look at, but at its fundamental core there is a differentiating factor - is it number of fills, is it ones grasp of boolean or superb negotiation skills, is it the ability to close difficult candidates, is it the…


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What Life's Road Puts Before Us

In haste I hurried home as I was late again after a busy day at work.  New baby, new obligations, new changes and Voila - it's like everything moves and flows with the seasons and days.  In the past few months each new change has brought an interesting perspective - how can I achieve what I set out to do, when momentous occasions in my career make me stand back and say - Wow! Did I really do that? As I walked in the door I took stock of what my familial needs were - challenges financially,…


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Out of the Box - Sourcing Strategies That Find the Hard To Find

Here are some ideas that I have tried recently that have found the hard to find needle in a haystack - trust me they work the miracles when the chips are down and you need to find your rock star diamond hidden in the rough:


Candidate pipelining - build the network and they will come - on LinkedIn join user groups of which you can have 50 - create a compelling blog which lists your latest opportunities and post to the user groups every two weeks.  Soon compelling candidates…


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What If?

A great question that has come to mind for me in successive months is - what if? 


I have pondered the reasons why certain things happen and why others apart from every controlled factor I put into place don't go according to plan? 


And then I ponder what if.....dot, dot, dot, or fill in the blank.....


I have to sit back and ponder this very remarkable question, why do certain things happen when everything I put into place and desired can only…


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Do You Still Believe?

Do you still believe?  Do you still have hope?  Do you still have the ability to find your inward drive to deliver?  The economy is improving, but challenges still exist, the latest SHRM Line Report says it all, while 2010 was a year of improvements we are still 5% below pre-recession highs.  Improvements have been modest, hiring has been tough decision making for leaders of companies as they make tough decisions and hire contractors and supplementary staff with the stringent standards once…


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The Profession I Love: Staffing/Recruitment/HR and The Success Principles

It was a year ago when I sat in a conference where I met the legendary Jack Canfield, CEO and Founder of the "Chicken Soup For the Soul" Franchise and Books, and author of many books including "The Success Principles - How you Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be".  On that day, I shook hands with Mr. Canfield and got to receive an autograph from this giant among men in my copy of his book, which I received for free as a part of this conference, the best part - I was among fellow…


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Your LinkedIn Brand - A Powerhouse of Staffing & Networking Potential

You know what, earlier this year I reached my 2500th connection on LinkedIn, as I saw that I thought whoa, how did THAT happen?  Well by utilizing my networking strategy which harnessed a network so vast that it's value to me has never been more pronounced, on any given day - I come up in about 45 searches, and have about 20 people looking at my LinkedIn profile.  That's almost 140 hits a week and that there are solid folks I can check on to see where they come from and due to my $25 premium…


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Who Moved My Cheese? A few lessons from an Ever Changing World.....

Change.  It's a word that sparks both intrigue and delight, irritation and zest, as well puts on the table very interesting circumstances.  This week my work prepares for an office change, and with it comes intriguing moments that will test our courage as we accept the new, and let die the old.  The past is behind us, and we have a gift of now.  Here are some quotes that caught my eye on change this week:


"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to…


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Why HR & Staffing Will Always Be ONE - Never Separate the Two

Take it from a HR Professional, HR and Staffing are one. How? Why? Because in order for your HR department to add its maximum value, you must realize that Staffing and HR are joined at the hip. HR Managers, and Directors need to be connected to their recruiters, and Hiring Managers need to partner as one in order to reduce time to fill, and increase the performance metrics that are needed to find great talent. It is so key to know each other, to keep that department chugging along at its…


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When Staffing Offers You A Pick Me Up! Counting Your Staffing Blessings One By One

It happened this week, in some interesting way the challenges were there, my colleagues needed a freindly and positive outlook to spur them on their way.  Recruiters are much like sales people, they both need an inspirational word now and then.  As well my fellow sourcers on my team needed a pick me up, as one got down on himself, and another is new finding his way.  I am one who has to manage my desk in such a way as to lift others up.  Such a powerful thing is positive energy - case in…


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A New Day, A New Dawning, A Fresh Look - Staffing is About FACING YOUR GIANTS

A fresh look, and a new perspective, a new dawning and renewal of continuous zest for life, and an eye on the goal in all scenarios.  There is no secret that life adds a great twist and turn when we least expect it.  But each new day is like a gift.  Mistakes made yesterday can be made a new perspective of.  They can be buried in the wide swath of the past.  Brilliance is not a sometime thing, it is an everytime thing. 


As I arrived home from work this day, I thought how…


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Your Network: The Silver Bullet for Any Search

Your Network - personal, LinkedIn, professional, and degrees out from you.  It is about to make a company go public - LinkedIn, it has launched careers, and lent itself to the utmost results in tough searches.  The larger your network, the more valuable your reach.


I can't tell you how many times a referrel, or business contact has turned into the "Silver Bullet" that cracks open the hires and makes viable outcomes possible.  Your network is to be treated with care, given the…


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Ants Marching - The Sourcing Life - And Dale Carnegie's "Living In Day Tight Compartments"

Ahh, this song by Dave Matthews band, it is perhaps a description of February for me.  I quote:


"He wakes up in the morning

Does his teeth bite to eat and he's rolling

Never changes a thing

The week ends the week begins"

So that is a perfect description of how I start my day and how 1 day rolls to the next, and then this as Dave…


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The little annoying and wonderful thing that is CHANGE

Change.  It could be classified as an irritant, and it can be classified as a help.  It certainly puts itself right smack dab in the middle of any choices you make as if it had all the trimmings for your journey in life.  You are flowing along, things are working well, and then BOOM - a change comes mighty and stubborn setting itself in your path like a nice giant boulder.  Now you can be the one pushing the boulder or be on the other side and get crushed, I'd like to think this little…


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When A Sourcer Is A Busy Bee - Help a Sourcer by Building a Great JD

Bzzzzzzz.  Bzzzzzz.  That's the sound of a busy bee.  Click, send, click, send, click, send, new string, new search, click, send, click, send, all while rocking out to some good country music.  Now that is the fun of being a busy sourcing bee.  These days my desk is full from 1 side to the other with Job Descriptions galore, and highlighter gone haywire on every keyword, and key point in my VMS client's good and bad written JD's. 


Ahh, the Job Description - welcome to…


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People Are Not Widgets/Resources or Capital, They are INDESPENSIBLE

Okay.  So this particular topic has been itching to get out and it has been driving me nuts.  Quite frankly, I just can't stand it when I hear people being referred to as Resources, Capital, or anything other than a Human.  Does that not bother anyone in staffing.  I mean come on now.  We are looking for people to fill a project or two, or a long term career interest, and a marriage of two happy customers in a business relationship.  We aren't talking about a piece of equipment here…


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