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Thought Leader vs. Doer

Don't you love the title Thought Leader? Perhaps not. I am not even sure how it actually came to be, nor do I really care at this point. It seems to me that it sounds a little like the old adage - "Those who can't do - teach." I have spent a great deal of time listening and reading what thought leaders have to say. I think it is important to study the industry where you reside and to know the key players, as well as understand what success looks…


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Anyone Else Tired of Social media?

At a recent conference, a group was standing around and someone (who shall remain anonymous) bravely spoke up and stated a fact many of us have been feeling, thinking, and trying to figure out.  "I really am tired of this whole social media thing."  There was a bit of silence, but the nodding heads proved that many of us were in agreement.


I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that most of us in this space, RBC frequenters,…

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Now, Is That Appropriate Language?

I may be shaking a few trees today. Or stirring a few pots. Or even whacking a few beehives with a big, fat stick. But guess what? I'm not afraid. Like the Wright Brothers, I'm letting it fly.

I can't help it..., I have held it in long enough. As a matter of fact, it is ready to bust out of me like Pillsbury Biscuit dough when it pops out of the can. While it is true that I am a firm… Continue

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None of Us is as Smart as All of Us

I sat in a meeting today that resulted in an, "I told you so." It wasn't said out loud but it was felt by all in the room. Being a part of a team can be a wonderful, exhilarating, delightful, excruciating, debilitating, and/or harrowing experience. Navigating the roads to a successful partnership can be dangerous and filled with trepidation that must be cajoled with tenacity. Without the stubbornness that must be honed as business partners/owners, we may become nothing more than… Continue

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Stunk-Up Deal - What Do YOU Think?

I have received a little feedback from recruiters and have experienced this myself. Backdoor Reference Checking... Has it happened to you? I know there are few out there that have run into a situation where the ideal, and I mean perfect, candidate was on the line. Résumé checked out, references were clear, all interviews were stellar, final face-to-face went well and then, the bottom dropped out and your candidate was washed out of the mix. What do you… Continue

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Perhaps You Just Show Up

"Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more." ~Edward H. Harriman

My mom recently sent an email out to our family that I would like to share with you...

"Every morning on my walk, a little red V.W. rolls by me filled with newspapers. Behind the wheel sits a woman dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and a baseball cap. Her eyes are on her work. As she drives down the road, she skillfully throws newspapers through the… Continue

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The Evolving Rules of Social Media

How often should you update your social media profiles?  I just did a walk through our offices and reminded all the employees that they need to go to LinkedIn and update their profiles.  Several looked at me blankly, one even said to me, “Am I supposed to have a profile?”  I nodded patiently and said in my normal, playfully acerbic tone, “Yes, you need to have a LinkedIn profile.”  She…


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Be There!

So there is a buzz zuzz-ing its way around the neighborhood these days. I am sure you have heard all about it and if you have not, well, this is your chance to learn about a wonderful offering coming to the RecruitingBlogs.com community in just a couple months. I am speaking of none other than RecruitFest… Continue

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What Do You "Like" on Facebook?


I sat on my couch munching the contents of a bag of regular Tostitos.…


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Removing the Wedge

When I was twenty-seven years old, my parents divorced. It was a difficult time, I thought my parents would always be together. But change happens, it is the one constant, right? And with that change came many others. I doubted myself and my own marriage. I questioned who I was and underneath it all, I found reasons to be unforgiving. I'm not saying it was a bad thing, for in actuality - like so much in life, it was a lesson. A lesson in reality, a step…


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A Road Less Traveled

While I only live thirty-two miles from my work, every work day I climb into my gray 2005 Honda Accord and prepare for a commute that typically takes an hour and a half. The congested freeways mark the only path into the city where…

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How to Find "Bonus Track"

Hi all---

I have been asked by quite a few people if I was still writing and how to find Bonus Track - my blog here on RecruitingBlogs.com. Yes, I am still writing - haven't missed a day…

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Wearing a Badge of Rationalism in a Realm of Possibilities

This past February, I had the incredible opportunity to ascend upon London to work at Broadbean’s corporate offices and attend #TruLondon, the unconference put together by the TruCrew that includes “MrBill”

Bill Boorman, his lovely bride, Fran, Geoff…


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Broadbean Forms Alliance with MAXIMUS


- Leading Job Distributor Aligns with MAXIMUS Tax Credit and Employer Services Division
to Extend Recruitment Reach into Targeted…

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Bean Country - We Have a Flag

Broadbean continues to expand and grow. With our new website development, the steadiness of Stream, added functionality to AdCourier and the addition of TalentMine, Broadbean is ready to take on 2010.

We look forward to an incredible year of supporting our current users and inviting others to join us in Bean Country, where more time is spent with candidates and less time is spent posting and praying, sourcing and slaying.

Sending wishes to all for a wonderful holiday… Continue

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What'd You Get?

Everyday you have an opportunity to give to those around you. I'm not saying that you owe society or that you have to be charitable, but is there any reason you can't open the door for an elderly person or forgive a cross word from an angry sibling? These are simple, EASY things to do that make your life easier and give meaning, reason, purpose, intent..., truly, they do.

And while, maybe, we shouldn't really be thinking about the rewards..., why not? Suppose you are helping someone… Continue

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My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go...

I write daily in the discussion forum here on RecruitingBlogs and I will be honest with you, it takes a lot out of my brain. But I LOVE it. My involvement with RecruitingBlogs.com has been nothing short of a big, fat blessing. I have met the most wonderful people and made life-long friends. Seriously. Additionally, the wisdom that is graciously shared across this site is truly that: WISDOM. I value the time I spend here. I value what I learn here. I value the… Continue

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Online Social Networks

originally posted April 10, 2008

Who would have thought that Recruiters, usually intense competitors, would, or even could, come together in a social network like this to share ideas and lift spirits? What a transformation I have encountered over the last several years in recruiter socialization and how professional networks like LinkedIn, TalentBar, Plaxo, Xing, ZoomInfo, and of course, RecruitingBlogs.com are bringing like- and unlike-minded folks… Continue

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Not The Breakfast Club

This morning I chose to attend a breakfast meeting of the Chamber of Commerce that I frequent. I attend luncheons maybe once a month and have found the social aspect of it all fine but limited as my services are a bit more global than those of the guy that has the restaurant on the corner...

Today's topic was "Using LinkedIn" in your business. Being that I am an avid LinkedIn user, I suspected that this might be an interesting meeting in that, I really wasn't too sure if the Chamber used… Continue

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It could ZOOM right past me, if I let it...

Changing passwords, changing email address, changing names...,

Anyone tired of all the hoopla you have to go through when you change companies or anything about yourself?

I sent a request to ZoomInfo because I cannot change some information in my profile... I did receive a prompt reply, however. They stated, basically, "Sorry, that information was created from web content and you will have to create a whole new profile if you want… Continue

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