I was just thinking about about why some people seem to be successful at recruitment and why others don't, apart from all the normal stuff I was thinking that people do tend to gravitate towards similar people i.e both applicants and clients and being very professional in what I do, reliable, easy to get on with and quick to make decisions does this mean that the contacts I make and get along best with are perfect partners for recruitment??   Discuss..........

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Comment by Paul Alfred on May 19, 2011 at 2:00pm
Terence not sure I follow your reasoning - I have recruited candidates that I would never hang out with and have nothing in common with - but they qualify in one area, he or she was qualified for a client requirement.   Perhaps you need to elaborate further on your thoughts ....
Comment by Terence on May 20, 2011 at 4:01am
I agree of course I still recruit for people I don't necessarily like and place people also, but I certainly have more clients that I get on with than clients that I don't, and if I really like a candidate I have to admit I work harder to place them than someone I don't...unproffesional??....human nature?? whichever it is it's definitely the truth, the question i'm asking is by being the sort of person that I am and gravitating towards applicants most likely to get jobs and clients most likely to hire does it help? 
Comment by Paul Alfred on May 20, 2011 at 8:06am
But Terence "Applicants most likely to get jobs" and "clients most likely to hire"  would have  absolutely nothing to do  with my personality but more importantly has everything to do with my skill and expertise in placing qualified candidates with clients that have open requisitions.
Comment by Terence on May 20, 2011 at 8:54am

I'm not talking about skill or expertise i'm talking about something more unquantifiable, for example my desk is run by me but if one of my colleagues had started it at the same time and had been working on it for the same amount of time with an equally good skill and expertise level I think you would agree that it would be in a completely different state with different relationships developing, which must be down to personality.  I would also like to add we work in a very pro-active market place where we go out and generate our own business with very little just coming in until relationships are in place.

Comment by Paul Alfred on May 20, 2011 at 12:26pm
Perhaps ... But have you ever just called a hiring manager cold - he listens to what you have to say he understands you understand what he wants and the call ends with let's see what you got - he only learnt one thing about me in that conversation " I say I can address his need" - I hang the phone up I now need to rely on my skills to deliver on my promise. This hiring manger knows squat about me. If I deliver it gives me the next stage to meet and "begin" developing a relationship for the long term. Sometimes you need to deliver before you have the go ahead to build on a relationship ....

I am not gonna argue about whether or not it's not important to build great relationships in business every business book tells you that - I am addressing your premise that you need to like the folks you do business with to deliver or some how gravitate to candidates you like to deliver - that's what I don't get.
Comment by Jimi Matthews on May 20, 2011 at 12:41pm

Paul " I am addressing your premise that you need to like the folks you do business with to deliver or some how gravitate to candidates you like to deliver - that's what I don't get." I don't think that was what Terence was getting at. Those that we get on with well are more likely to hire from us.

I have placed people, whose CV would not have got them past the receptionist were they to have delivered it, but I liked them and my 'trusted' clients like me and gave them an interview on my recommendation.

The more important question Terence poses is:

"I was just thinking about about why some people seem to be successful at recruitment and why others don't?" This should have been the discussion topic.

Comment by Terence on May 20, 2011 at 12:44pm

I'm loving this dialogue....i'm not saying you need to like the people you recruit for but if your personality matches well with candidates that are likely to get jobs let me clarify this a bit

1. They are serious about finding a new job and not just fishing

2. They are likely to turn up for interview

3. They listen to your prep and act upon it

4. They keep an open line of communication once the interview has taken place

etc etc the list goes on, now because I am this sort of person do I naturally gravitate towards candidates similar to me, the same goes for clients when I was a Bank Manager I only contacted agencies when I was serious about recruiting and acted quickly when I interviewed somebody I liked again do I build relationships better and quicker with similar personality types.


I like to think about things such as this and getting back to my original topic "Why do some people seem to be naturally good at recruitment and others aren't" Is there an ideal personality type for recruitment?..........I think there is !!

Comment by Paul Alfred on May 20, 2011 at 1:43pm

@Jimi perhaps you're right we to focus on why some people are successful at recruitment.

@Terence  I guess I have to disagree - I have worked with folks that never meet with candidates and only their client and take home $200k year after year ...  I don't think there is an ideal personality type for recruitment - some folks don't talk much and keep there heads down and work and deliver some folks make better client guys some better candidate gals ...   Some guys thrive in high volume other don't ...  Some folk would never be able to work internally for a Big 4 - they would never get through the door ...  I'm just not sure how you can paint  this canvass with one brush ... 


I enjoy the banter we have too Terence ... This is great ..


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