I was for using big data in recruiting before I was against it

How to use big data in HR and recruiting

I was very fortunate to speak at the 2014 LinkedIn SourceIn event in New York last month. My topic was "I was for big data before I was against it." Everyone was awake when I was done, so I added it to my "win" column. These are the points I addressed.

# Why are recruiters doing more posting and praying than ever before?
# Who are some masters of big data?
# How are companies using big data to improve their recruiting processes?
# How are companies using big data to improve office efficiency?
# Is big data really "the civil rights issue of our era?"
# What should companies worry about when it comes to using big data for recruiting purposes?
# Why does Jim ramble at times and get distracted so easily? (Seriously, that's something I ask myself all the time and... squirrel!)

Tune in to the video below and let me know your thoughts? I would really appreciate it.


P.S. Click here for a list of links pointing to the articles and resources cited in my presentation.

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Comment by Matt Charney on July 18, 2014 at 12:20pm

Jim: Good post. I think a lot of people went through the same shift back in the postwar period when the prevailing labor theory switched from scientific management/Taylorism to the "human relations" movement kicked off by Elton Mayo. Guess this mindset shift is cyclical, and once people realize that big data involves numbers and stuff, I'm sure we'll all go back to talking about really important stuff like emotional intelligence and talent communities.

Comment by Keith Halperin on July 18, 2014 at 7:28pm

Thanks Jim.

Isn't you speaking at a LinkedIn- run sourcing event sorta like an angel being asked to speak to a convention put on by demons?

Have a Great Weekend,





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