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We die two deaths. The day we stop breathing and the day the last person that remembers us and stops saying our name.


As anniversaries are usually held with regard and well wishes there are some, some very few, that should make us pause and remember.  Today is one of those days for me.  On this day the world changed.  My world changed.  I do not write this to be “shared” or “liked” or open for discussion.  This is not that type of post. 

Reading this please know:

This is the day for me to say I will never forget.  This is my pain.  You cannot take that away from me.  It makes me remember.  It hurts me.  It humbles me.

The way I was is not the same nor ever will be.  This day, I do not cry, I do not wail to the heavens with screams.  I do not seek out vengeance, only peace. Whether you remember that day or not, I do.   There were 2,977 people with loves, families, passions, goals and dreams.  There were 2,977 people who were just trying to make their way in a complex world that we are all live in.  On this day, this seemly normal day 2,977 people needlessly died.  2,977 people who changed a world without knowing they would. 2,970 people I did not know.  Seven I did. 

No I will not forget this day.  I will never forget you. I will never forget them. 

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