3 Small Ways To Show Your Employees You Really Care

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When you own a business, you understand that your employees are critical to the success of your plans. When employees are happy and satisfied in their work, it shows in their interactions with customers, in their productivity and in their ability to work together. Being engaged with your employees in a personal way can help to make them feel an important part of the team. You can foster an empathetic and caring relationship with your employees by implementing a few critical actions.

1 – Mark Important Personal Events

The birth or adoption of a child, a wedding, a serious illness or the loss of a close family member are all important events in the life of an individual. You can show your support during a difficult time or help celebrate a happy milestone by sending a gift on behalf of the company and participating in employee efforts to mark the event. Attending a funeral is a special way a business owner can show respect for the employee. Being generous with time off can also show your support during difficult circumstances.

2 – Create A Pleasant Work Environment

The right work environment can help to increase your employees’ productivity and make them proud to be part of a well-run, professional organization. Use a professional cleaning service, like Comclean Australia Pty Ltd, to keep work and lunch areas neat and sanitary. Update furniture on a regular basis to help efficiency. Keep storage areas organized, safely stacked and well lighted. Ensure that all work areas are uncluttered and allow free movement.

3 – Be Respectful of Employees’ Personal Time

When your business goes into overdrive, you may be tempted to ask employees to put in significant amounts of overtime to help you expand your business. However, imposing on employees’ free time can be the cause of resentment. Always be sparing in calling key employees during weekends or during their vacation time. They may be able to provide crucial help during a crisis, but you may also be driving them into the arms of a less demanding employer. Always try to respect your employees’ down time, because it allows them to reinforce their personal relationships and recharge their energy reserves. These positive results ultimate serve to benefit your business.

Good managers know that taking additional time and effort to stay engaged with employees can be an important part of building a productive team. If you are connected to your employees, they will feel that their work time is not separate from their personal lives; it is an intrinsic part of it. Maintaining open lines of communication and respectful interest in their lives will ensure that they will be enthusiastic about contributing to the company goals. This communication will also alert you to problems that need attention.

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Comment by Cassidy Hennigan on July 27, 2017 at 10:21am

Hi Emma, 

Nice article, it surely emphasizes some of the most important qualities an employer should have and the attitude he should have towards his employees. However, I feel this article doesn't include some other important ways that an employer should show his employees that he cares about them. 

Let me add some other ways that I think are important, also:

Salary and benefits - this is something that says "I want you to live a comfortable life" and "I value your contribution to the job". I believe that any employer should show the candidate/employee that he values and respects him/her by offering a decent salary. For example, if you hire a network administrator, you should know that the network administrator salary is around $57,000 per year, so you should offer this amount or a little bit higher. A good candidate will do a research before hand and if you offer him lower than he expects, he knows that soon there might appear other difficult situations like this. 

Also, a candidate/employee values benefits like medical insurance, gym membership, free breakfast/lunch, free transportation to/from work and others. This way the employer shows that he really cares about him making it to work, feeling healthy and productive and also safe. 

Flexible time - I can't emphasize enough how important this is. This says that "I want you to be relaxed and not worry about being late a few minutes or not being able to work from home when you're sick - I value your mental health". Being flexible regarding work hours and work from home is a strong way to say that you care about your employee. I believe that an employee's mental health is the most valuable. He should be able to work from home if he feels sick or the weather is unfriendly Also, he shouldn't run to work if he got up a little bit late or arrive scared that his boss will yell because he was 15 mins late. 

All of these contribute to the employee's well-being and you should emphasize the fact that you care as much as you can, in order for him to give out the best and fulfil successfully the tasks that he's being attributed. 

I just felt like these needed to be added - maybe I'll write a blog post about this myself.

Anyway, great article, Emma.


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