Who said "If I didn't do this, who would?"...

The recruiting world we work in continues to evolve and transform to include more and more technology and less and less face-to-face or voice-to-voice time unless we take the bull by the horns and demand that valuable commodity that changes everything: personal interaction.

I had the unique opportunity to meet and "network" with several fellow recruiters last week at the Kennedy Info Conference in Vegas. It is amazing what happens when you get a bunch of people together that "like people" and "like to talk". This incredibly enjoyable experience almost felt like old friends getting together for an evening of reminiscing.

I arrived to no fanfare on Tuesday afternoon to discover that I could not yet check in; this was a little disconcerting as I had been on the road for a few hours and would liked to have taken one of those ever-elusive power naps...
I strolled down to the ballrooms where the conference was to be held and met the beautiful Anna Brekka, a fountain of knowledge and assistance. Anna took time out of her busy prep-schedule to take me on a quick tour, pointing out important areas of focus and made it perfectly clear that she was there to help in any way that she could. Julianne Moore, right? does anyone else see it? She was simply lovely.

Part of Anna's tour included a visit to the not-yet-put-together RecruitingBlogs.com web lounge. I love the whole pre-conference excitement that buzzes through an exhibit hall... Exhibitors setting up and scoping out potential competition, protective plastic wrap scrunched up in piles in every corner, strips of duct tape and the occasional duct tape ball..., so this is where I am going to spend the next two days? hmmm...

Shortly there after I had the exquisite opportunity to meet Jason Davis. I felt like we were old friends and that this was simply a ludicrous formality. When he speaks you can not help but smile and recognize his genuineness. He loves what he does, sees value in the people in the recruiting industry, and he has a strong sense of what his mission is in all of this. He's one of those guys that, as stated earlier, "likes people" but he likes them to talk. And guess what? he actually listens.

This was only the beginning of what turned out to be memorable experience filled with workshops, an ever-active flow of information exchange, the best party ever (!) and networking with people that have a desire to share and learn, sponges that we are.

The highlight for me was meeting the people I felt I already knew but this sealed the deal for new friendships and continued educational opportunities....

shout outs:
Jason, Joel, Keith, Ben, Papa John, Heather, Gerry, Don, Dennis, Dave, Claudia, Maren (and sisters!), Susan, Josh, Meg, Andrew, Jason, Sarah, Bryan, Nick, Marcus, Michael and so many more... see you next time!

feelings to work by

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