Soa, WEB 2.0 and deployment of various protocols, Mashups will change how Recruiters do business.

SOA takes advantage of SaaS and develops Applications as a service which run over those areas. 30% of the Fortune 2000 have some form of SOA in process. 90% of fortune 500 are well under way in development and deployment of SOA. Around 65% of 500 use some form of App Servers either from the Oracle or Old Leader BEA Systems. BEA Systems was the leader and was just purchased by Oracle. Now 70% of the entire world running Middleware use Oracle or BEA.
SOA leverages SaaS and is being used to develop Enterprise software. The reasons are Agility (ability to make quick changes to applications and business), Reuse of developed applications (referred to as services), intersection of SOA plus Event Driven Architecture (EDA) among other things enhances ROI. Once SOA is installed it reduces costs of new development by as much as 80%. The mantra for Business is flexibility, agility, reuse and then the addition of exceptional BPM and (BI) business Intelligence software added makes it inevitable that all fortune 2000 will make this transition.

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Comment by Kyle Smith on July 2, 2008 at 9:41pm
SOA will probably change the way corporate recruiters interact with other business units, but I think it might be a little bit of a stretch to say SOA will change how all recruiters do business.

As composite applications and SaaS become more prevalent, the way recruiters network and aggregate the social networking tools used into a single portal, you are right the web 2.0 sourcing strategy will be commoditized into a standard business practice. The real ROI will be seen when this is integrated with mobile app technology allowing you to localize your online network and take it to the streets (see companies like moximity).

Within the enterprise, you will see your ATS integrate more closely with internal business initiatives (provide real-time data for projected personnel increase costs for new initiatives for instance), human resources activities, and finance to allow for real-time business intelligence as well as integrate seamlessly with job boards (major and niche), networking sites such as linkedin, and internet search engines.

Even still, none of this is true SOA. Service Oriented Architecture only applies to the way large enterprises plan and ultimately consume the hot-pluggable technologies provided by companies like Oracle. SOA is way more about the IT strategy and governance employed across the enterprise to create business transformation and less about specific technologies to create or consume services. Think of this way, SOA is like city planning so that you can be more strategic in the way streets connect providing you access to the goods and services your citizens need. You still have to build the buildings.

Even with all of this... you have to pick up the phone.
Comment by pam claughton on July 3, 2008 at 8:34am
How do you anticipate that SOA will affect the way recruiters work?
Comment by Joshua Letourneau on July 3, 2008 at 9:22am
very tech-centric post . . . let me ask: how does any type of platform architecture help me identify, attract, and close candidates?

I'm not saying it won't, so I'm sincerely asking. This is why I say that: Because with number recognition technology, I see customer service improving in certain areas . . . however, regardless of all the technology, it still comes down to the person using it.

In my estimation, companies make heavy investments in technology under the premise that they can reduce their payroll costs by 'automating business processes', etc. However, what happens is that recruiters then look only for candidates that have experience with a given technology . . . thereby perpetuating the problem and driving up salaries due to supply/demand.

I only mention this because you reference the F2000 . . . which I think you mean that F500? Looking forward to your response.
Comment by MRTEXASSOA on July 3, 2008 at 9:35pm
Recruiters will be aided by the deployment of WEB 2.0 . The fundimentals will remain the same I’m still looking for Recruiters doing business in the Middleware space.


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