Advertisers are getting into the game -- the video game. There’s no doubt that the ability to deliver advertising into games that are connected to the internet represents a massive opportunity. The question is will in-game advertising prove to be an attractive channel for recruitment advertising?

Google’s recent acquisition of in-game advertising firm Adscape Media and Microsoft’s acquisition of Massive Inc last year is evidence that the concept is gaining momentum.

According to a recent study, In-game advertising has been an effective means for increasing brand awareness. Spending on video game advertising is projected to grow to more than $2 billion in 2012.

Gamer Demographics

Approximately 17% of gamers are in the hard-to-reach age group of 18-24 years old, while another 23% are in the advertising sweet-spot age segment aged 35 to 44 years old.

Gaming has become today’s college student’s routine component of entertainment. 65%

of college students reported being regular or occasional game players according to a survey conducted by Pew/Internet.

The fact is that you are not able to reach potential candidates in the same way you were 5 years ago. Given half of the U.S. population will be participating in online games by 2008, how can companies afford NOT to leverage this opportunity?

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Comment by Nicole St.Martin on September 27, 2007 at 11:32am
I personally think it depends on how the ads are implemented. Advertsing is everywhere - radio, TV, billboards, packaging, websites etc.

According to a recent survey in the UK - gamers didn't seem to mind, saying the ads added "realism"

It's an interesting concept is all..


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