Know Your Numbers

• Do you know how many miles are on your car?

• Do you know how many miles per gallon you get?

• How many phone calls did you make last week?

• How many cold calls did you make last week?

• Which figure matters more to your yearly income?

Source: Selling Power Magazine
Research shows that, on average, prospective customer lists have a 10 to 1 ratio of “suspects” to actual prospects – and on average, of those prospects, only 1 in 3 will buy.

This means that the average sales rep in the average prospecting blitz will need to contact 30 “suspects” before landing a real customer.

The sales rep with a targeted list can be up to 3 times more productive than a sales rep with a “floodgate” list.

Source: Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work
Prospecting is a numbers game (or to be more precise a ratios game) and this particular game drives your sales.

A lot of salespeople don’t know where their numbers came from -- it just evolved; it just kind of happened.

So how can you increase your income?

1. Increase the number of phone calls =
2. Increases number of contacts reached =
3. Increases number of appointments set =
4. Increases the number of accounts closed =
5. Increases YOUR income!!!

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Comment by Rayanne on September 30, 2008 at 5:39pm
Increase the times you read this and then commit it to memory.
Well played.


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