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7 Reasons To Love - and Embrace - SlideShare

Most people have heard of SlideShare, but they probably don't realize how powerful and diverse the platform is, or the important role it can play in their content marketing and digital engagement efforts. This post offers seven reasons for taking another look and considering an upgrade in 2013.


According to this infographic, SlideShare is the "quiet giant of content marketing." I consider our SlideShare (SS) presence a vital part of the SMinOrgs and GCDEL digital network. We've had a Silver Pro account ($19/month) for years, and it's definitely been a worthwhile investment. Here are some of the reasons SS could make a significant contribution to your digital presence and engagement as well...

1. It's not just for sharing slides. Sure, it's a great way to share samples of your work and expertise via presentation decks, but you can also use it to share documents (like the SMQ Quiz and the Trickle-Up Socialnomics white paper) and videos (like these clips from a presentation atAllstate).

2. It reduces the need for attachments. When you want to share content (e.g., a presentation deck) with someone, you can include a hyperlinked reference to the deck on SS in an email rather than attaching a large file. The new "Send Tracker" feature for Pro accounts makes sharing presentation decks even easier, and also provides tracking data.

3. It's public AND private. With a Pro account you can upload files you want to share only with select groups (e.g., attendees from a private, paid-for presentation), as well as files you want to share widely. The private files have a "secret url" you can then send to folks via email or embed in a document.

4. It can be used for live presentations and meetings. The Zipcast feature can provide a great alternative to services like GoToMeeting or free screen sharing tools, especially when you're presenting to or meeting with a small group.

5. You can do LOTS of tracking. SS provides ongoing counts of the number of people who have viewed, favorited, and downloaded shared content. With a Pro account you can also gather "leads" from folks who have downloaded files. And when a presentation is trending on another platform like LinkedIn or Facebook, SS will feature it on its home page. We've been fortunate to have that happen with our content about half a dozen times!

6. It's a search engine. This is probably the #1 reason to love SS, even though few people talk about it. I certainly try to cross-promote our SS content via other channels like LI, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, but most of the views come from within SS itself. For example, there have been over 15,000 views of the different versions of the SMQ Quiz over the past couple of years, the majority of which have come from searches within SS.

7. They keep getting better. Even before SS was acquired by LI, they were committed to continously improving and enhancing their product and features. For example, with a Pro account you can add audio files to your presentation decks to turn them imto slidecasts, and can embed YouTube videos in them as well.  And although there was a bit of hue and cry when the SS application was disabled in LI, the new integration between the two platforms is much better and offers much more control.

Are you an avid user/fan of SlideShare? What other recommendations for leveraging it would you add?

- Courtney Shelton Hunt


More of Our Sample Content

In addition to the items referenced above, here are five examples of the kinds of diverse content we've had a lot of success sharing via SlideShare:

Of course there's much more. Please visit our SlideShare channel to check it out!

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