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78% of Contingent Workers Agree That Their Experience As A Freelancer Has Been Positive

Contingent work is on the rise and increasing numbers of professionals are deciding to break away from full time “permanent” work to go it alone as freelance contingent workers. Research suggests that freelancing is more of a lifestyle choice as opposed to something that is enforced upon individuals due to circumstance. A survey by JESS3 found that 47% of workers go freelance because they want the flexibility, while only 38% made the leap because they were laid off from their previous position.

Those who have been freelancing for 10+ years are less likely to seek permanent employment in the future than those who have been out on their own for 2 years or less.

According to an article published by Fox News, 78% of temporary and contract workers agree their experience as a freelancer has been a positive one. They also found that 73% of contract workers rate their growth potential as good or excellent.

Here’s a list of reasons that survey respondents cited as factors in their decision to become freelancers: 

  • 47% Flexibility
  • 42% Freedom
  • 38% were laid off from previous job
  • 33% wanted a better work/life balance
  • 25% believe there are more opportunities for work for freelancers
  • 25% could not find work elsewhere
  • 24% believe they can make more money by freelancing
  • 23% wanted to control career path
  • 20% of surveyor s claim to be tired of working for an employer
  • 15% wanted less stress
  • 7% believe being a freelancer reduces risk of being laid off

The top 3 factors influencing freelancer happiness: 

  1. Salary/Hourly rate
  2. Great work/life balance
  3. Flexible work schedule and skill development opportunities

The top 3 issues keeping freelancers up at night: 

  1. Staying professionally relevant
  2. Meeting deadlines
  3. Lack of clear direction/path

The full infographics done by JESS3 can be viewed here.

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