Ami G. on Wednesday: Recruiters get paid easy money. Why not you?

Infomercials that offer get rich schemes are nothing new. From no-money down real estate to getting rich off tiny little classifieds it is inspiring to see quadriplegic ex-truck drivers bringing home gobs of cash and everyday housewives sporting boob jobs in the Bahamas.

For sure, the economically challenged and/or recently unemployed may be tempted to buy the turn-key this and the fool-proof that. And, why not?

But if you really want to live the good life, staying at home, lolling around in your PJs, and earn $110k - $175k guaranteed first year -- part time and risk-free, Mama! -- then, damn, recruiting is for YOU!

Now, I don't know much about Brock Goldstein and I certainly wouldn't want to jump to conclusions about his particular brand of headhunting but I have to wonder: if any moron can become a big-biller over night, why can't I?

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