Are you contemplating changing lanes? Is it time for a career change?

The last two years our economy has really given us all a good shake. It was a cold hard slap for many who believed they were secure in their careers but received the “golden boot” out the door instead. Others went to great lengths to remain under the radar for fear of being the next on the booting block, if Bob the company’s most committed employee got the pink slip everyone knows no one is safe!

One of the strangest but arguably potentially coolest side-effects of being the receiver of the “golden boot” are the stories of those who didn’t just fall out of the nest as they got booted but instead swooped down got their bearings and double looped and soared on to their next career chapter. My experience wasn’t necessarily the golden boot but we had just relocated to a new City where my current employer did not have an office site, as a result I had a choice before me...try to find full-time work in my new City and continue to slowly build up my consulting business or jump out of the nest and figure out how to fly damn it! Let’s just say I have happily traded in my learners wings and am mapping out new flight courses and adventures.

I am sure you have read endless articles that argue though its a recession period, now is the best time to spend! Seems counter-intuitive right? But think about it, prices are dropping look at automotive deals, stock options, real estate, the incentives are endless – the deals are everywhere! I KNOW, I KNOW the key is to have the money to take advantage of these opportunities...but if we are talking about your career, your money equivalent is your experience – both personal and professional. Why not take stock of that bank account of experience, ask yourself are you where you want to be? Is it time to look at your career investments and consider diversifying? Is it time to change your career lane?

Much like approaching financial investments, when considering a career change you should ask yourself:

  • What new career opportunities are you drawn to? Do you have the right or enough capabilities to make the change? If not yet, then determine what you need to develop and how you will do so.
  • Get a real pulse on your financials. Are you financially secure enough to support the changes, especially if it means having to refresh your training or take new courses and make financial investments upfront.
  • Be honest on your limitations. Are you willing to go wherever it takes to launch your new career path, or is relocating absolutely not an option? Will you have to take a pay cut to start?
  • Get in the know. Do your research on your new career direction, learn all you can about the industry. Read up on the guru’s and their story of how they got to where they are. Get networking, build up your contacts and get their feedback on the industry.

This year has been a bit of a blur on my end and 2011 is quickly making its way around the bend and heading straight for us. Is this the year you will jump out of your nest and dare to soar?

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