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It happens with almost dreary predictability. As Christmas draws nearer, the number of job vacancies rises and this year has been no different. The numbers rose 6.9% in October thanks to the temporary positions created to cope with the Christmas retail trade. That’s great news for the retail sector of course, with school students eager to line up to serve customers, stock shelves and pack bags.

Unfortunately these temporary jobs don’t address the skills shortage that continues to exist in other sectors. Health, professional services and education are experiencing steady growth in terms of employment figures but rather than aim to employ new staff, business owners are choosing to upskill their existing staff thanks to government funding. The result is that the positions becoming vacant are more inclined to be entry level roles.

Still, as these disparities level out over the coming months, and the students return to school, jobs are expected to increasingly be filled from the existing pool of talent. Additionally, a surge in British immigrants is expected next year due to the UK’s massive cuts in public spending and a higher tax rate. Over one and a half million British jobs are looking precarious and these people will be looking for opportunities abroad ... namely, in Australia.

Australian job-seekers are encouraged not to put off their quest for work. Whether highly trained or inexperienced, the above factors will have an effect on a candidate’s chances to find a suitable job. SMStheJOB advertises part time to full time roles, all along the spectrum of skills and income levels. Any time is a good time to look for that ideal job. Whether or not to apply for it at the time is the issue, but opportunities sometimes come along when least expected.

Rather than waiting for the Christmas school holidays to start, or to wait for the New Year to start a ‘fresh’ position, keeping an eye on what’s available in the jobs market will give jobseekers the greatest advantage, at any time of year.

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