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Eighty Percent of Workforces Will Utilize Virtual Workers in Some Capacity By 2013

Sixty percent of organizations already have some sort of virtual workforce implemented today, however, with more companies recognizing the benefits of utilizing virtual workers, this number is set to increase to eighty percent by next year.

Engaging virtual workers helps companies lower operating costs, increase profitability, reduce absenteeism and lower turnover, while reducing their carbon footprint at the same time. Many organizations like their temporary and project-based workers working from home as it can significantly reduce the additional overheads that are sometimes accrued when scaling up a workforce.

However, it is not just employers that enjoy the benefits of telecommuting; workers love the flexibility too. A recent survey by Dice reported that one third of technology workers claim they would accept up to a 10% pay cut for telecommuting full time. In reality, the majority of office jobs can now be done remotely from home via the cloud.

Research also suggests that telecommuting workers take less sick time than the traditional worker who commutes – with seventy-eight percent of commuters admitting to calling in sick when they were faking it. On the other hand, a quarter of companies that utilize telecommuting have reported an improvement in employee health, and a decrease in sick time off.

Telecommuting is not for every business, nor does a worker have to work at home for forty hours a week.  Even having temporary workers that work from home one to two days out of the week might be a good way of seeing if virtual workers could work for your business. 

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