Building Your Employer's Brand Equity Before You Withdraw

The other day one of my young writer friend, working with the largest publishing house and next thing I hear, is he is quitting tomorrow. This was certainly a shocking surprise for me.

He was working with top most leading brand/firm, that others would dream about, perhaps a job to kill for. The recruiter in me got curious and compelled me to know more..

For him, he wanted to do something ‘different’ and that after spending 6-7 years in this profession, writing stories did not interest him anymore.

While, according to me, he was in one of good professions, which was creative and exciting, much different from the routine banal jobs of coding, programming, accounting or any other profession for that matter.

This compelled me to think over, why we quit and whether or not we should quit, and if we do so when is the right time to quit. Job switch should always lead to progression and take a step closer to being successful. Therefore, one must always evaluate the next job from all possible angles and see whether the new company is much better than the current one in terms of the role, salary or brand.

Soon after meeting him, I heard about another example, this time an assistant manager, working in one of the largest retailer in the country. She has been with the Group for only one and half year only, but she too is looking at quitting her job, to follow her aspirations to be an entrepreneur and someday build an empire like her employer.

younger workforce are driven by passion, incentives and much more than all excitement of the work. When one starts, getting into a well known company means everything. Huge social stigma is attached with top names however all this excitement dries down in due course of time. We all reach to this situation, quite often where brand, job profile becomes meaningless and we start thinking of quitting and that resignation letter just becomes the matter of a click of button.

But have you really made complete use of the opportunity of working with a global brand, the exposure you get and the learning you take with you everyday. Working in large firm, and a renowned brand is not just a star on the shoulder. It adds a huge value to the person as an employee, for the world outside this corporate glass building, you are one of the contributors to the success of the company; you are a brand yourself.

If I see from the lenses of a recruiter, being in a top employer means you will be most sought after employee for that role, because you have proved your mettle by grabbing that hot seat. Recruiters will line up opportunities, the moment you show any inclination to change by submitting your CV.

The point here is not about quitting, and not even much about quitting from a top brand, but the critical point is, have you made enough out of it.

If brand value (both what comes by working at a firm and personal) could be weighed or even measured, then working a large brand could be like covering miles and miles in one go, but everything starts from a millimeter. So before you quit, just introspect and find the answer for yourself, have crossed a mile, or not even a meter?

My advice to everyone is to calculate all pros & cons, in terms of the offer, the opportunity, the salary, the progression and never forget that an average career span is as huge as 30-35 years. you will get enough opportunities in due course of time. Consider a thorough due diligence and then make the leap…world will be yours! this would be decision you won’t ever regret!

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