Some talents are currently in high demand. When it comes to physical therapists, industry experts expect their rate of employment to go up by 39 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is significantly higher than almost every other occupation. As a result, clinics looking to hire top-tier physical therapists will most likely face steep competition. You should, therefore, take the necessary steps to ensure you are competitive enough to be considered worthy by top-tier talent. To help you achieve this, here’s how to attract top-tier talent.

1. Streamline your business

Start by taking a critical and honest look at how your business is operating. Find out whether it is running efficiently or sluggishly. Do you have a lean team, one that comprises of productive professionals? Are you making the most out of your staff or are they burdened by inconveniencing administrative tasks like charting and filing paperwork? Seeing the need to improve is a good thing, particularly since there’s always room for improvement. Take this opportunity to deal with your current issues directly.

You can whip your business into shape and improve efficiency by ensuring high levels of performance and reducing the amount of time your staff spends on computer-based tasks like documentation, scheduling, and billing. Implementing educational programs and adopting an EMR tool could prove helpful.

Regardless of which solution might be best for your business, you can find ways to boost your company’s organization and productivity through a thorough evaluation of your operational processes and procedures. As it stands, the better a business operates, the more appealing the entrepreneur is as a potential employer.

2. Improve your benefits package

Now that your business is running smoothly, it’s time you reviewed your employee benefits package. When it comes to the hiring market, offering health insurance and competitive salaries makes your business more attractive to top-tier talent. However, benefits go a lot further. To attract the best talents, your benefits package should include intangible perks like a collaborative environment, team-building events, paid time off, remote access, and flexible schedules. Jot down any intangible benefit you’d want to offer. If you already have a great list going, that’s good. But if you were offering very few benefits or none at all, then you have some explaining to do and a lot to rethink. Once your list is done, think of how you’ll market these benefits to potential candidates.

With the reduced attention spans of the 21st century, not changing with the times often means remaining behind. Today, no one wants to read a two-page job announcement. As such, you shouldn’t make your advertisement too long or you might turn off many talented candidates. If you want to hire an elite workforce, make your notice short, dynamic and design it to capture the Millennial's attention.


3. Be proactive

You may have taken the time to streamline your business and used a significant amount of capital to improve your benefits package. But that does not give you leave to wait on the sidelines hoping the best talents will come to you. You need to find them. However, it pays to know exactly what you want first. When it comes to physical therapy jobs, for instance, you’ll want to nail the job description down before you hire anyone.

Take the time to consider your company’s culture as well as what type of characteristics the right candidates for the job should demonstrate. Aside from advertising, you can partner with several of the local schools to meet and interact with soon-to-be graduates, start networking within the community and conduct events to help demonstrate your leadership qualities. Getting the word out increases brand awareness, which is a great way to attract prospective talent as well as new business opportunities. You can advertise through social media or traditional channels.

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