How to Turn Your Passion for Special Needs Causes into a Career

If you are passionate about helping those who have special needs, you have a lot of options when it comes to turning that passion into a career. For instance, you may be able to work as a special education teacher or work with adults who have physical or developmental issues. Depending on your skill set, it may be possible to start your own company helping others who may need it most.

Finding Work as a Special Education Teacher

Those who want to become a special education teacher will need to get certified first. This will require both an undergraduate degree as well as a master's degree in education or, perhaps, a degree in communication disorders. Your master's program can be completed after you are hired in most cases. However, school districts may have their own requirements as it relates to who they hire. You will also need to have a clean criminal background, and those who can speak sign language or have other special skills may be more desirable.

Become an Advocate for the Disabled

There are many groups throughout the nation who are looking for people who are willing to give lectures or engage in other forms of advocacy for the disabled. If you are good at writing letters or making phone calls, you may be able to support yourself financially while helping your community. You may also be able to use your people skills to raise money or spread the word about a fundraiser in your area or anywhere else in the country.

In some cases, your employer may allow you to spend time during your workday promoting causes that you care about to colleagues or throughout the community. This is because corporations understand the goodwill generated by giving back to others. Examples of corporate advocacy on behalf of special needs people may include participating in a charity road race or hosting a charity carnival.

Work With Teens and Adults with Special Needs

It is not uncommon for a child born with a mental or physical defect to have it for his or her entire life. It is also possible that a once healthy adult was severely injured after a car accident or an accident at work. Whatever the cause of an injury may be, there is a need for those willing to work with physically or emotional disabled teens and adults. You may be able to help teach them life skills like counting change or bagging groceries that could help them land a job.

This may help them to become more independent and let them know that they contributed to society in a meaningful way. You may also be able to help them interact with other people and learn important social skills. Having those skills could make it easier to make friends or generally navigate in society. In some cases, those with special needs may be able to learn how to drive or live on their own.

Become a Consultant or Lobbyist

Working as a consultant or lobbyist may make it possible to interact with those who create policy. Whether on the state or national level, having a direct line to politicians or business leaders may provide you with enough influence to help those you care about the most. These relationships may one day allow you to sit on committees or other boards that work with politicians to make laws that benefit individuals with special needs.

People with special needs may not get the attention or resources that they need and deserve. While you may not be able to change that fact overnight, there are many different ways that you can help make their lives better. The best part is that you can help support yourself and your family while supporting your community.

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