Innovative Ways Recruiters Are Using to Attract Top Talents

Well, gone are the days when only the cover letters and the resume of the candidates were the only source of knowledge that you can gather about your candidates. With the coming of the various digital platforms, tools and hiring software, recruiters have a number of ways to evaluate the potential and skills of the candidates.

Some special skills such as problem solving attitude, interpersonal abilities and job readiness is something that a recruiter today can better judge with the help of a technology that earlier they cannot.

Here in this article we are going to discuss some of those innovative ways that helped recruiters to attract top talents from the industry using variety of tools and online recruitment software.

Recruiters can test the skills of the candidates in a better way

Conventionally recruiters used to ask for work samples such as portfolios or writing samples during a brief test in the interview process. However, things have taken an about turn and some companies are building a demonstration of ability right into the job application process through some hiring software may be. Such as conversion marketing platform Unbounce ask their candidates to submit their application in the form a landing page, that they can built on the Unbounce platform. That is an amazing idea to judge how the potential hire, their strength and how familiar are they with the product and the company they are willing to work with.

 Recruiter’s today screens with digital technologies

No the recruiters are no longer stalking candidates on social media channels, Tools like video allows to make screening easier and allows to know the candidates before meeting them in person.  When you use video interview you look for characteristics that you cannot detect through cover letter, such as body language or their manner of speaking or may be the sense of humour. Keep all the list of candidates and their details of the interviews taken using these tools in your online recruitment software and enjoy anytime access to resume, candidate data etc.

 Search for places where top talents are

Conventionally, in-person recruitment during special events help companies finds the right talent. Along with those running ads on the job, sites or the social channels will help your hiring software to get frequented with details about the ideal candidates. The best recruitment software that you will find in the market helps to sort out the candidates according to some pre-set parameters. Remember, you can train your candidates with particular skills, but you cannot make them learn passion or attitude. Attracting candidates who are already passionate or interested in your company’s vertical are far more valuable that those with skills.

 It is time to be social

 Well, you know that top candidates are always into some good job. Sometimes the ideal candidates whose data is stored in your online recruitment software might not be looking for a job at the moment. However, that does not stop you from reaching out to the candidates and inform them of an opportunity. And the best ways to use the social media details of those candidates stored in your hiring software. Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook allows you to reach out to the candidates and demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership in the field.

 This process of hiring will help you find potential candidates who may have never heard of your job opening and the company. By adding these techniques to your recruitment, strategy and having the best recruitment software can help you expand the reach and improve odds that will help you to find the perfect the candidate.

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