Lean Staffing: Organizational Improvement

In part 1 you read about using Lean Staffing to improve your process. This time we are going to talk about Lean Staffing to help your organizational structure.  

So in order to utilize Lean Staffing to improve your organizational structure you first need to determine what staffing model you are using. Are you using a mono model-meaning full cycle staffing, are you using the di-model -splitting the staffing function into 2 parts, the tri-model -splitting the staffing function into 3 parts, or some other model.

Once you have determined that, you need to do a Lean Staffing organizational analysis, of the metrics used and measured over a 5 year period by each function of the model. Meaning for mono model it will not matter much, but for di-model or tri-model each split or added function will have its own metrics and numbers. Example is in a di-model you would have the sourcing metrics and numbers for the source and the recruiter (account management) metrics and numbers for the recruiter position. You want to do a 5 year analysis and find out the averages of all the metrics and numbers for each function. Then list them, then find the avg numbers for each person in the organization over their tenure in the organization, according to their roles. Once you have done that you have a list of people and whether they fall above or below your avg line or Mendoza line.

So now you know who is not getting it down and who is. Here is where Lean Staffing really kicks in. Now that you have all that info, if you find out what your goals are for the upcoming year you can determine how many people you need, and in which roles to fulfill then, presuming you only keep or hire those who can at least obtain the averages as outlined in the above paragraph. Odds are you will not need as many people and there for will be able to carry a leaner team, or you will find out through further Lean Staffing analysis there is a process, procedure or tool getting in the way of your people not just meeting the goals but destroying them.

Example: you currently have a team of 7 in a mono-model or full cycle, the past 5 year avg shows that each person should hire an avg of 30 people in a year. However when you look at your current 7 people their averages over their time at the company show you have 2 avg 30, 3 avg 35 and 2 avg 10.

Now what you need to do is find out the who, what, why, were, and how of the numbers. Part of this is going to be doing a Lean Staffing process analysis and or a Lean Staffing tools analysis, you may find out the process or tools are causing everyone to be less productive then they should be. You may find out that everyone should be able to hire 40 and you do not need 7 people and therefore can do more with less, or keep all 7 and destroy the goals.  

If nothing comes from doing either the lean staffing process or tools analysis then utilize Lean Staffing process analysis with regards to the way each person below the Mendoza line is doing their job and see if there is wasted time, lack of training or processes that are hindering their ability to hire more.

If after all that, there is no doubt it is the individuals in the roles, you let them go and find 1 person who can meet the avg and therefore meet the goals, or you hire 2 and destroy your goals.

The point is if you keep using Lean staffing you will find the answer and be able to do more with less.

Now in this post we spoke about “Lean Staffing” as it relates to the organization of staffing. Next up is tools.

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on January 22, 2014 at 12:29pm

Once again, very valuable and useful.


Comment by Tim Spagnola on January 23, 2014 at 9:49am
This is a great post Dean. My agency has fully adopted lean and apply principles to make all processes more efficient. I love how you outlined a way to apply this to recruitment efforts. I appreciate you sharing.


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