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Looking for a career change in 2011, see our top 10 jobs for 2011

Welcome to 2011!! It's the start of a new year and if one of your New Years resolutions is that you've decided it's time for a career change then you'll want to give yourself the best chance of finding secure employment!
2010 has been a difficult year for most, many have found themselves a casualty of the recession. This impact seeing jobs that previously paid well or offered good career progression, as now being obsolete, redundant or not the secure career choices they once were.
The good news however, is that despite the recent recession, job market experts are predicting strong growth in some areas for 2011. Here's our picks for the top 10 careers in 2011 and why:
  1. Healthcare: this is one industry that is never affected by the economy. With our aging population, and increase in treatments for diseases and conditions (not to mention the prevalence of cosmetic surgeries), healthcare is very secure. Most healthcare jobs require a minimum of 3 years higher education, so you will require some passion and dedication if you are making a massive career change into jobs such as nursing, physicians assistant or physical therapist, BUT if you are compassionate and love helping people this is a career that will be very rewarding.
  2. Information Technology: According to job market analysts, IT is one of the highest paid industries at the present time. We are seeing increased demand for roles such as software developers, technical writers, software testers, data analysts, service desk representatives, network administrators and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists. As with Healthcare, most roles require completion of at least an Associates or Bachelors Degree (2 or 3 years), but if you love IT, with a couple of years experience under your belt, this is a well paid career option.
  3. Business & Finance: Financial analysts and planners have become critically important as businesses are adapting to changed conditions. The recession has fueled the need for Accountants and Auditors, as businesses are looking at saving on costs, increasing profits without negative impact on the business and investment strategies. These roles are attracting high salaries for experienced qualified professionals.
  4. Education: Teaching will always be in demand, despite fluctuations in the economy. Teaching requires a minimum 4 year degree, but with benefits such as shorter contact hours, more holidays and reportedly less stress, this is the ideal career for someone who loves children and is looking for a career that will help them balance time with family.
  5. Media/Communication: with the boom of social media and the increased traffic on the internet, most businesses have an e-presence. Jobs such as Content Writers, Bloggers, Web/Graphic Designers and e-commerce developers are in high demand and the best news is that you may not need years to complete a degree before you get started! The benefit of the Web is that you can drive traffic to a website of your own to attract business, these are some of the up and coming careers for those who are entrepreneurial.
  6. Sales: Good sales people will always be in demand. The benefit to employers is that sales people generally earn in line with their contribution to raising profits of a business. If you love working to (and exceeding) targets, if you love dealing with people, this is a career that is very easy to move into, providing you learn and apply selling skills - which is easy to do without all the time it takes to get a Bachelors degree (seeStellar Strategies for sales training and coaching solutions!).
  7. Marketing & HR: predicted to be some of the "hot careers" for the coming 10 years, roles that assist a business in lowering staff turnover and increasing staff productivity will be continue to be in high demand. Businesses are recognising the value in attracting and retaining good staff and are now understanding the benefits of the scientific and statistical measures and methods degrees in HR and Marketing provide.
  8. Technical jobs: jobs for plumbers, auto mechanics, electricians and builders will always be in demand. These career options are generally very attractive as you are able to earn income whilst "studying" as an apprentice. With the population growth and urban sprawl in all areas of Australia, these sorts of jobs are always in demand (even with the slowing of the building industry).
  9. HVAC Technicians: Air Conditioning is loved by many Australians! Our environment and weather conditions Down Under mean that this is one job that will continue to enjoy high demand for years to come. With schools Australia wide installing systems and residential properties installing heat pumps and air conditioning almost as a standard building spec, this is a career that will enjoy higher than average growth in 2011.
  10. Green jobs: any career that is focused on the environment is going to continue to be in very high demand in the coming years. Jobs across all areas (ie: from office jobs to installers to inspectors) in the Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Wind Power, Green Building and Environmental Compliance are all going to be in high demand! The good news is that if you are currently working in the building industry or in a technical trade, Green Building certifications can be relatively quick to obtain.

So if one of your New Years resolutions is to land a new job or make the exciting leap of a career change, 2011 is the start of new opportunities, good luck and don't forget to register for free job alerts directly to your mobile phone with

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