Month-long Ad campaign Caused Internet Dating Enterprise eHarmony to Enter Recruitment Market

Yuri Kozharov's HR & Recruitment News

Month-long Ad campaign Caused Internet Dating Enterprise eHarmony to Enter Recruitment Market: Yuri Kozharov's HR Marketing News

Breaking news, remember you first heard it from Yuri Kozharov:

For over a month I ran a cheap internet ad campaign, cost me 10 dollars, cause about 10000 ad impressions, 13 viewers clicked on the ad.

Google mailed me campaign report today. As you could spot at the picture, keywords I have chosen made my ads display at internet dating websites. Here is how they got the business idea, it seems.

Yesterday I learned from Law Firm HR specialist that infamous internet dating enterprise, is reported to be entering the Recruitment Market, optimizing their hard-to-use love partners' search engine for recruiters.

Could it be the next hot technology for recruitment of Law Firm Partners, Associates and Support Staff?

I actually once tried to use eHarmony: completed many pages of questionnaires, was thanked for joining onboard, only to receive a memo couple of days later to mailbox saying profile was removed as containing fictional, made-up data, and I swear everything I wrote was true and straight from the bottom of my heart at that moment.

google Ads report excerpt:

Top-performing keywords
Your keywords that received the most clicks
and ad views.

Секс (Sex)
Консультант (Consultant)
legal search
Гарант (Guarantor)
partner Russia

Top display sites
The partner sites where your ads received the most clicks and ad views.

Ad text:

Legal Search, LLC

Partners & Associates
also Support Staff

Views: 129


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