Now, Is That Appropriate Language?

I may be shaking a few trees today. Or stirring a few pots. Or even whacking a few beehives with a big, fat stick. But guess what? I'm not afraid. Like the Wright Brothers, I'm letting it fly.

I can't help it..., I have held it in long enough. As a matter of fact, it is ready to bust out of me like Pillsbury Biscuit dough when it pops out of the can. While it is true that I am a firm believer that words only have the power you give them, and while I might not be the first one to say or even scream a swear word or two (when I know my audience and they know me), I find it completely abhorrent to let your favorite one-syllable shocker loose in writing whenever your little ol' heart desires.

I am supposing that it is alright for me to be of this opinion and share it loud and clear since there are those that think I am alright with the vulgarities that fly through certain posts. This "style" of writing isn't authentic. It certainly isn't respectful. It really doesn't take much thought or creativity to riddle a post with some poorly chosen words. And it degrades most professionals that work within this so-called profession that that we love. It just really isn't very fetching. I know I'm not Cinderella at the ball, but I really don't want to kill the music at the dance before the Prince is smitten.

Perhaps you think it's cool to write this way or even way cool to read. But does your client or your boss? What about that potential client or potential boss? I know, I know: it's real, it's genuine. Maybe, but would your mother want to read it? I suppose there are some moms that would be ok with it. And how cool is that.., because words only have the power that you personally give them - and yes, I know I already gave that argument. That's kind of the point. There really is no valid argument for the use of foul language in a post or online discussion.

Really, what are you? In eighth grade? Use your words, big words, for pity's sake (and I do mean pity.) Would you tell a client to pay their f-in invoice? Would you litter a proposal or contract agreement with four-letter gems, allowing a potential client to see the "real you," the bona fide you? Because that is business in the new millennium. For I do what I want, gosh darn it.

Again, I am not perfect and given the right circumstance, I will say almost any swear word. Didja hear me? I'm not claiming to be anything other than someone who cares about my audience. All of my audience. Especially given the fact that we are professionals and address other pros within the HR industry. Would you use that type of language during an interview with a major candidate or during a new employee orientation? How about during a professional reference interview?

Maybe you do and maybe you are really good at it. If you do and you are, please disregard this post; it wasn't meant for you anyway.

by rayannethorn





Originally Posted Now, is That Appropriate Language? to Bonus Track on October 20, 2009


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Comment by Valentino Martinez on April 27, 2011 at 5:18pm

Agreed, Rayanne--

You make a timely and valuable observation in this blog post.

Foul, crude and vile words in any language is an invitation to shutdown the very essence of communication and the attempt therein regardless of the setting.  And and if that is the intention, to use a word(s) to harm, insult or express anger--then, it may be better to stay silent or be ignored, shunned and avoided as blowhard with a limited vocabulary.

The exception however is if I slam down a hammer onto my thumb, for missing a nail, I will curse my pain away because my thumb needs to know I personally meant no harm to myself or my thumb for getting in the way and ruining a perfectly nice day.


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