I live on your basic Main Street America (seriously, I live on Main Street). One lane is for cars going north and the other going south. Which brings me to a question – why when something is not going the way we want – we say “it’s going south?” What is wrong with going south and why are we so down it?

I digress. When I go for a walk, I always walk on “my” side of the street (the side on which my home is located). Today I decided I needed fresh air and new perspective and took a big leap to the other side of the street.  I am now conscious that there’s a whole new world to be discovered over there.

I travel this street everyday seeing so many things that my eyes take in, but on which my mind never focuses. There is a beautiful house and when I moved up close and personal, I could see that it was once an old tavern built in 1778. Who knew? Well, I’m sure someone did, but it was a revelation for me. Another historical home with the large white columns and gleaming porch was in fact not a home at all, but an antique store discovered by a very small strategically placed sign.  And there’s a funeral home…had I really not recorded that this was a funeral home? Incredibly, I had not.

I was astonished at what hidden treasures I'd missed simply because I had chosen a routine walking the same daily path. What else are we, as job seekers, as recruiters, as people missing by simply staying on one side of the street?  I’m going south more often because I’ve learned today that changing direction can bring inspiration results.

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