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Paperless Onboarding Reduces Stress On New Employees (And HR!)

A new employee's early experiences with your organization make a big impact. Paperless onboarding helps reduce anxiety and streamline your new hire's entrance into the company, leading to higher level of company satisfaction and improved retention rate.

A company's hiring process has a big impact on employee retention rate. On average, a whopping 22% of employees leave an organization within the first 45 days. How do you improve upon this? It all starts with your new hire's first experiences with the company. Onboarding is a critical step for getting your new employees into the system, ready to work and part of the team. Paperless onboarding helps simplify this process and can have a big impact on how your fresh talent views the business. A streamlined, low-anxiety intake procedure is key to communicating the value of your company to your new employee. Simplifying onboarding... Read more - Paperless Onboarding.

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