Recruiting the Generation After the Millennials

Raised during the financial fallout of 2008 and knowing only a world with the internet, will the generation to follow the Millennials change the way we recruit?

Before the detractors grab their pitchforks over yet another discussion of generational differences, let’s agree that it's not about age brackets but how the landscape of work itself that has changed so drastically.

Much like those that preceded us, the emerging workforce would like security, would like to work for a company they believe in, and intend on being loyal. Yet all these may mean different things from yesteryears workers in today’s workplace.

The landscape of work has changed so much that a career for life is all but extinct, and even having a permanent job is losing favour with the growth of a gig economy and an attractive contract market.

The global candidate

Tomorrow’s workers are no longer competing with their neighbours, but are fighting for roles against a global candidate pool where workers may be cheaper, willing to work longer, or be an automated cloud service.

Market saturation

There’s a glut of information out there and tomorrow’s candidates are constantly exposed to  its rapid digestion, which will be reflected in how they search and apply for jobs.

With an attention span whittled down to 8 seconds, one less than a goldfish, roles need to have an exciting hook outside of the tired sales jargon out there.

From 8 second vines to 140 character synopses, the internet has also equipped the next generation with the ability to package themselves in a concise and innovative way.

Work will be flexible

Workers increasingly want to be housed in the best environment for them to succeed, rather than being square-pegged into what they might find to be a sterile environment.

As everyone works differently this can be a combination of flexihours, choosing where to work, attire, collaborative workspaces or just negotiating the best practice for them.

They will leave!

It’s almost inevitable that a hire will at some point move on and businesses need to embrace that, install some fluid onboarding and hand-over strategies, and keep a revolving door in place.

Employee share schemes and professional development might improve staff retention, as will opening up the doors to travel, flexible work, and development; but few employees will sign-up for a lifelong innings.

Fast progression

Scrap the rigid hierarchies and office attire, the modern worker hasn’t inherited the same attitude towards career ladder succession and corporate etiquette.

Climbing the ladder was traditionally an assembly line of loyalty in which the most long-standing became next-in-line for promotion. The modern worker thinks differently. They’re unwilling to wait and feel work should be judged meritocratically.

Loyalty needs to be respected but with over half of employees keeping an eye trained on new offers, If you’re not offering fast progression they’ll job hop their way past you.

Being social on social media

Utilising social media is not about mistaking it for a job board or a news reel. It’s about establishing an online footprint that leaves the message you intended.

Candidates want more than a job description or a call about the role, they want a glimpse into the work itself and the company that would otherwise remain hidden to them. LinkedIn and conversations are limited in doing this but Instagram can provide an insight through visual stories.

If 62% of Millennials currently visit a social media site affiliated with a company you can hedge your bets that the next generation will be even higher.


Calum is the Content Marketing Executive for Sonovate - an award winning fintech game changer that has redefined finance for the contract recruitment industry. @Calum551  

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