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Recruting, How to do it Better and Safer

The job of a recruiter is to recommend the right person for the job.  Clearly a important part of that is having a complete picture of the candidate, including a pre-employment screening.  This is even more important for you, and your company, since YOU recruited this person.  Here is what I mean.  Typically you engage in pre-employment screening to:

  • Discourage an applicant with something to hide.
  • Encourage honesty.  It is estimated that as many as 33% of all applicants either put false information on the application such as name, date of birth, or SSN while others omit information you need to know ( like a criminal history)
  • Demonstrate due diligence.  You (and the employer) have a legal obligation to hire the right person for the job.
  • Avoid such disasters a bad hire can bring such as violence in the workplace, theft, embezzlement, harassment. and lost of business.  Promote a productive work place.
  • Reduce the possibility of a negligent hiring or retention suit.

If these aren't enough, it is very cost effective.  Your client does not want to spend the money to recruit, hire, train and equip a new hire only to find they are not right for the job. and clearly is much less than he cost to litigate a negligent hiring suit.

This is the why, now the how.  Naturally you could conduct the screening yourself, after all you are a recruiter, but this approach might not be the best  one.  Why?  A great deal of time must be spent learning and staying current with federal and state laws that apply to pre-employment screening.  The necessary FCRA, DPPA and HIPPA release forms must be obtained and properly used.

Once the application is complete, time must be spent verifying the information and conducting the many record searches needed to get a complete and accurate picture of the candidate.  Naturally there are many web sites on the Internet that claim to do background checks,  however these sites may not be FCRA, DPPA, or HIPPA compliant and the information is not as current as you need.  Clearly a criminal check is important but many more records must be researched such as the nationwide sex offender databases, civil records, driving, professional license, personal information must be verified, former and/or current employers should be contacted ( this along can take a great deal of time often ending in a frustrating game of phone tag.)  The solution it to outsource this vital part of the hiring process to a licensed private investigator who specializes in  pre-employment screening. 

Forget the persona of the typical PI as seen on TV.  The fact is many states ( like Florida) have strict laws that govern the industry thus we are held to a much higher standard than those who work with out a license.  Our agencies are consumer reporting agencies thus are FCRA, DPPA and HIPPA compliant and have access to private databases that are compliant as well.  We know that a database screening is not nearly enough to get the job done right, it takes record searches and that takes  specialized knowledge and resources.  There are many more reasons to hire a licensed private investigator. 

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