Resume Blasting is something that I have a strong opinion on - that is NEVER do it. It looks desperate, something that a less qualified candidate would do in a shotgun approach to offload their resume to as many sharks as possible. Does one really think that works? A recruiter or HR manager receives an email from one of the blasting services - something that is non personal and gives little attention to the person whose resume they are sending. Better yet…..the professional using the service rarely ever knows of where the resume is being sent. How does this benefit anyone again?

A new trend that I am seeing is from candidates themselves, sending their own blasts of sorts to their network. I received one this morning and let us discuss.

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please review the attached detail and if applicable update systems accordingly.

Availability: 1st or 2nd week of Feb…
Pay: W2 or 1099…
Rate: Negotiable…
Type: Contract or Perm…
Passport: Yes

I have no obligations or commitments. Single, healthy, no house to sell, no children, etc…completed last contract in October.

Sincerest Thanks

I am reading this letter, only to see that in the address line there are 22 other recruiters listed. I think to myself, well I am certainly not someone this person wants to work with. He must have spoken to me once or simply seen my name somewhere and thrown me into his list. There is no rapport, relationship or reason for me to do anything but hit “delete”. In the far off chance, I have something that matches his skill set perfectly I might call. But otherwise, I offer little as I was given nothing.

When people contact through our website, i call or email to discuss their skills - regardless of their match to a current opening. They have gone through our form, told us their interest in working with us, and therefore deserve to be contacted. Now I am not 100% perfect doing every time but I make a large effort to offer the same level of professionalism they have offered. I would say that people considering their resume blast professional should think the same. Regardless of whether using a service or doing it personally, stay away from bulk mail and spend time developing relationships.

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