If you've worked with a recruiter before (or are one like us), you probably know the s*** recruiters say.  Every now and then, it's fun to poke at the cliches heard around the office. Some phrases Betts Recruiting has come up with includes:

Watch the video that started the discussion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eGgP8keUlo&feature=autoplay&...

Initial Call with Candidate:

-Hey Richard its Ashley with Betts Recruiting, how are you?

-No not best, Betts – B-E-T-T-S

-Happy Monday! Happy Tuesday!

-Hows your week? You hangin in there?


-So I found your LinkedIn and I want to chat.

-Your resume is spot on

-Listen, I know you’re killing it at ____. I just want to understand what it would take for you to make a move.


-I take my direction from you.

-It’s a good to cast a wide net


-What are the top 3 things you are looking for?

-So what’s your biggest weakness?

-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-What did you W2 last year?

-What’s your social if you don’t mind me asking?

-Can I have your address?

-Why don’t you have your address on your resume?

-How old are you? S*** sorry can’t ask that…when did you graduate?


-Are you willing to commute an hour and a half?

-When you think about it, an hour and a half isn’t that long

            -you can listen to the radio


            -listen to a book on tape

            -be one with your thoughts

            -catch up on email

-How do you feel about relocating?

-How does your wife feel about downsizing to an apartment in the city?

            -great restaurants

            -you can walk everywhere

            -lower property taxes

            -closer to me, just kidding


-Are you willing to take a small step back to take a big step forward?

-Are you willing to take a pay cut?

-What is the bare minimum you could live off of?


-So you took a sabbatical for a year and a half, how can we spin that?

-So you were an independent consultant, what exactly does that mean?


High level Opportunity Pitch:

-So I have an awesome opportunity for you.

-Awesome opportunity.

-This is the hottest company in Silicon Valley

-They are the guys from Twitter.

-Their founding team went to Berkeley

-It all started in a dorm room at Stanford.

-The CEO went to Harvard

-These are the guys that founded Oracle.

-So have you heard of…Salesforce?

-This company is literally Facebook 6 years ago.


-I mean, anything is better than selling office supplies.


Company Size/Age:

-They only 3 people there.

-You would be able to make a huge impact.

-They have 60 folks on board.

-It’s the perfect size

-It’s the perfect time to get in.

-They have over 100 employees now, this is no flash in the pants startup

-Do you really want to be a cog in the wheel at a company that size?

-They have a proven model

-They’re not a bunch of college kids – they know what they’re doing

-Everyone is under 30, really fun environment


-Candidate asks tough questions – Matt shows an “Oh shit” look on his face and says…That would be a great question for the hiring manager

-Awesome question, let me ask the client and get back to you

-Fantastic question – why don’t you take a look at their website

-You know what, I have absolutely no idea


Culture Pitch:

-I would say their culture is work hard play hard.

-Definitely work hard play hard.

-They put in the hours, but know how to have a good time

-They work hard, but know how to party if you know what I mean


Candidate Pitch to Client:

-She is an absolute rock star


-She’s passively looking/in no rush/very selective


More Opportunity Pitch:

-They have beer on Fridays

-Open territory


-Huge equity play

-Ping Pong Tables

-VC Backed

-Google Backed

-Angel Backed

-You can literally make millions

-Millions (sing songy way)

-Yes I’ve had a lot of caffeine today


Asking for them to interview:

-What’s the harm in having a conversation?

-A quick call never hurt anyone

- I would love to throw your hat in the ring



Annoying the candidate:

-So sorry to call you on a Sunday (look on face like they really don’t care)

-I wouldn’t usually call so late, but I’m sure it’s more convenient for you

-Is this too early? I’m a morning person

-Sorry to catch you at work (person hangs up)

-I know you’re at work, this will only take two minutes

-Oops…I called you at work? My bad.

-I know I’m catching you on your desk line…


Happy Hour:

-You totally need to come to our next happy hour!

-Who doesn’t like free drinks?


Social Media:

-Would you write me a yelp review?

-How’s that Yelp review coming?

-Thanks for the Yelp review.

-I tweeted at you and haven’t heard back

-I recommend you follow everyone at the company on twitter

-Fbook me

-Did you see my LinkedIn request?



-Good people know good people, so if you know anybody who’s looking…

-Who do you know?

-I need you five years ago


Candidate Questions/Skepticism of Candidate

-There might be a drug test will that be a problem?

-So your background check came back with assault…

-No your aunt is not a reference


-No we aren’t hiring for here…

 -Like what are you going to wear?

 -When I said it was a casual environment, I didn’t mean you should wear jeans to the interview.


Offer Stage:


-You didn’t get it

-They are going to pass

- I have good news


The close:

-She has two other offers on the table, but you’re his top choice

-Are you willing to pay for the right person?

-He’s a little bit outside the compensation range, but will hit the ground running


-Would I push you into something I knew wasn’t a good fit?

-So if you were to give me a rate of 1 to 10, where would you fall?

-So you’re going to take it?

-Time kills deals

-It doesn’t make sense for me to push you into a job and have you quit two months later

-This is a long term relationship, I’m more of a career coach than a salesperson

-If you’re not 100% on board, I’m going to pull you from the process

-I mean, can I accept the position on your behalf?

-I’m not trying to close you.

-I’m so excited.

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Comment by Amy Ala Miller on April 26, 2012 at 1:20pm

This is great! I've said MOST of these at one point or another :)

Comment by Tim Spagnola on April 26, 2012 at 5:09pm

We all have Amy...I think!

This is a great list. I knew it was a matter of time till I saw one of these.

Comment by Darryl Dioso on April 26, 2012 at 5:31pm

I am more of a "Congrats!" kind of guy rather than a "CONGRATULATIONS!!" guy. 

You know, save space - save the world, right?

Comment by David Wells on April 27, 2012 at 1:20pm

That is hilarous, thank you for the video.  I am pretty sure everyone I know in the industry will definitely enjoy it.


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