Simple Tips to Feel More Empowered in the Business of Writing

Building a writing career takes a lot of effort, commitment and courage. Self-publishing provides wonderful options but it’s expanded the scope of writing to just about everyone. Thus, you’ll be dealing with a massive competition and you’ll probably want to give up at times.

Feeling more empowered in the business of writing depends on building a good routine and working on your mindset at the same time. If you ever feel like giving up, you may want to rely on the following approaches to boost your motivation and overcome hurdles.

Have a Clear Goal

Having a clear goal is probably the most important aspect of feeling empowered, regardless of the industry that you’re trying to succeed in.

Determine what you’re trying to accomplish before you even start writing. Do you want to advertise yourself and acquire new customers? Are you attempting to create a novel that will sell in large quantities? Is your main goal to share an idea with the world and give people the information that they currently don’t have?

It’s very important to know what you’re attempting to do. Determining a clear goal and keeping it in your head at any given time will make it much easier for you to keep on going when things get tough.

Set Manageable Goals

Meeting milestones is probably the best way to feel empowered. There’s nothing that feels better than giving yourself a certain task and getting to accomplish it. As a writer, you have to set goals in order to keep working every single day.

Milestones are crucial regardless of the kind of writing you’re doing. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you have to set manageable goals.

If you push yourself too hard and you attempt to accomplish a gargantuan task within a very short period of time, you’ll probably disappoint yourself. This is why the milestones have to be both reasonable and achievable. Otherwise, you’ll feel like a massive failure every time you sit down to write.

As you gain more experience and your writing business develops, you’ll find it much easier to set goals that you know you can accomplish. In the beginning, however, it will be a good idea to start small. Work in tiny steps. As you acquire the routine and the skills needed to become more efficient, you can start pushing yourself a little bit harder.

Enjoy the Writing that Inspires You

Every writer out there has suffered from writer’s block. Every creator has had days when they simply don’t want to get started and would rather stay in bed. Such days are normal but they can be used for empowerment.

You can take a break from writing every now and then. Such an approach is healthy because it will recharge your batteries and increase your productivity in the long run.

When taking a break from writing, you can dedicate some time to your favourite books. Going through the work of writers that inspire you will give you a good idea about what you’re trying to accomplish and why you’ve gotten started with writing in the first place.

In order to feel empowered and successful in your business, you have to do something that you’re passionate about. Going through your sources of inspiration will remind you about the power of writing and the amazing things you can accomplish through it.

Improve Your Work Space

To feel the pleasure and be committed to developing your writing business, you need a place that’s conducive to creativity.

Even if you have a tiny home office, it should be a space that you enjoy spending time in. Deal with the clutter and the mess. Hang a few beautiful pictures on the wall. Let fresh air in and listen to music that gets you in the mood.

It’s very important to surround yourself with positive things. Get rid of the distractions and turn your home office into your writing sanctuary. It’s also very important to let others know that you’re working. This way, you’ll be freed from the typical distractions that may break up your routine.

Writing on the couch in your pyjamas may feel comfy but it’s far from empowering. If you’re taking the business seriously, you’ll soon see the benefits of the approach.

Finally, remember to give yourself a little bit of “me time.” As a writer, you’re heavily dependent on finding a good work-life balance. Spend time with the people you love and dedicate those free hours to your favourite activities. If you’re attempting to write all the time, you’ll soon lose the inspiration and the drive. As a result, your productivity will go down and you’ll feel unhappy. A good, balanced schedule is required to rejuvenate yourself and to feel inspired every single time you sit in front of the computer. 

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