Strategizing Your Employment Value Proposition – Part 2 in Employer Branding Series



In the second post of our employer branding series we discuss the background of the employment value proposition and why it is a necessary element of recruiting top talent.

Creating and producing a winning employment value proposition (or EVP for short) are critical steps towards achieving a strategic advantage in the labor market. A smartly-structured EVP tells your “story” to potential candidates, and what you promise in terms of opportunities for internal growth, benefits, the high level of the workforce and managerial staff, the significance of the product or service, and the general corporate culture. In other words, it is your elevator pitch, in which you spell out the unique value you offer as an employer (a “what’s in it for me” pledge).

Identify Needs and Gaps

To begin with, your organization should first identify its talent needs. It’s difficult to market one brand from different angles and for different audiences, so you need to focus on which skill sets your positions require, find a balance and concentrate on your strongest selling points. A company which can do this correctly will interest a greater number of potential candidates.

Furthermore, the EVP should be in line with current employees’ views of your employer brand. They are your brand ambassadors to the public, and their opinion is incredibly important. Your EVP can’t promise candidates certain benefits if that’s not what your employees receive. It needs to be created within and reflect the existing framework of the everyday workplace.

An EVP should be composed with the professional aspirations of the industry’s top talent in mind. It should speak to the very employment elements which are important to them in their careers. In addition, it should address the gap between how potential candidates and current employees actuallyperceive your employer brand, and how you want them to perceive it. Your EVP should aim to fill this dissonance. This is a significant element in today’s socially-connected landscape (especially if your organization is in a competitive field and needs to stand out from the pack), where opinions – both negative and positive – proliferate the global community instantaneously. By strategically determining what should come to mind when candidates and employees think of your company, you are in a better position to shape these opinions.

Show Them the Benefits

After identifying your talent needs and particular branding gaps, consider which particular employment benefits your company can offer.

Here are possible angles to take:

1. Work Environment: Elements in the day-to-day workplace, including: clear balance between work and life, convenient office location, possibility to work from home, few business trips and recognition of employee accomplishments.
2. Opportunities for Personal and Professional Growth: Such as in-house training, job stability, internal promotion and a strong career path.
3. Organization: Components which injects a sense of workplace pride. For example: an exceptional product/service, proven successful corporate strategy, strong ethics track record, eco-friendly reputation, and involvement with the local community.
4. People: Humanize the face of your organization with quality team dynamics, a dedicated managerial staff and valuable employee feedback.
5. Immediate Incentives: Basket of core benefits, such as salary, health benefits, bonuses, vacation days, mobile phone and company car.

Remember: your EVP should not incorporate every one of these suggestions. Rather, use this list as a jumping-off point and brainstorm, together with your team, which benefits your company can realistically promise to candidates and employees alike.

Your company’s EVP should distinguish itself from your competitors. Initial strategizing will enable you to isolate the particular aspects which set you apart, and prepare you for the next stage – formulating the EVP.

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