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The Mobile Workforce: 70% of All Workers Now Have Some Degree Of Mobility With Their Jobs

70% of workers now have some level of mobility with their jobs, representing around 1 billion mobile workers worldwide. Three in Five workers polled by HireVue claim that they don’t need to be in the office to be productive and the research found that mobile workers now spend an average of 20% of their working week traveling away from their regular place of business.

It seems to be a great thing for companies as well as their workforces since 75% of organizations have reported increased productivity from the deployment of mobile applications. However, Smartphone usage by workers presents a significant wage and hour law challenge and companies must remember to track their non-exempt workers’ usage of mobile devices outside of working hours or else they could get into legal hot water, especially where temporary or project-based workers are involved.

Non-exempt workers who check and respond to work e-mails outside of work hours on Smartphones and other devices should be paid for that time – even if they do so at their own behest, so it could be better to limit their access to their work e-mail from their Smartphone. If you expect your non-exempt workers to check and respond to e-mails after hours as a part of their job, you must get them to log their activity as hours worked and you must pay them for that time.

Read the full research on the mobile workplace from HireVue here: http://

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