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The Words We Use As Recruiters (choose wisely)

From today's RBC Daily:

"Change just one word and you can sometimes change your entire approach for the better." This is a great quote from Jeff Harden's new article on Inc. entitled The 5 Most Powerful Words in Sales. We all agree that there are certain aspects of sales that are applicable to what we do as recruiters. We follow a process, look for the need behind the need and work towards a close. In saying that there is always room to improve and make changes to boost our overall outcomes. At times it could just be the wording we use when talking to our candidates, clients and hiring managers. Years ago I made a point to change my use of pronouns to reflect more of a joint effort. Instead of telling my candidate what he or she should be doing I would say 'we should position our interest this way'. It sounds simplistic and borderline silly, but the pay off showed in the results. This change helped develop the working relationship with my candidates as it was no longer just about what I wanted. Has this concept worked for you? Are there changes you have made in the words you use to have more success as a recruiter?

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Comment by Maisha Cannon on March 13, 2012 at 7:28pm


I can definitely see how a 'we should position our interest this way' approach would be received better than a 'you should do XYZ.' I will make a point to become more mindful in the words I'm using with candidates and hiring managers. Thanks for the insight.

Comment by Tim Spagnola on March 14, 2012 at 10:28am

Thanks for the feedback Maisha. It is amazing how the simple change of the words we use and how the message is delivered can really make an impact on your results. Best of luck to you.


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