'Tis The Season to be Thankful: Some Thoughts On Thanksgiving, Career Progression, and Recruiting

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to Valco Mall with my sweet daughter in Cupertino, CA. The wonder in her eyes, as she explored a new place, complete with Christmas decorations, and running from store to store, with a broad smile, energy, and enjoyment made me remember what it was like to be a child, and have the spirit of Christmas, of Thanksgiving every day - and while as an adult I have this now, it is amazing how a child can always be happy, and how it doesn't take much to find the joy that comes of new discovery, in those few hours together she taught her dad a few things about life. There is a magic of the season that begins at this time of year, as we look at our careers, our families, at life, how true is it - that we need to keep the perspective that helps us find joy in the journey, and helps us to be reminded that we can have the spirit of this season every single day of the year. Thank goodness for the holidays, they remind us just how every day should be lived. In so many words, we might not have millions of dollars, the best car, the nicest things, but we have family, freinds, and opportunities which abound to bring to the forefront the life direction that can bring to us joy beyond measure. In 3 months I will have the pleasure to hold my new baby boy in my arms, due January 19th. As I ponder a 2nd child I am so excited to have another energetic little one to teach me a thing or two. Through children we can see the joys of the holidays readily made available to us.

It is a season to think carefully about what makes us move forward in our core of being. Nothing worthwhile in life doesn't come without some dedicated work. We can harness that energy in the staffing realm, persistently and with focused commitment putting people back to work again. There is something about lifting others out of the recession by helping to put fabulous professionals back to work again. There is a reward of un-precedented options in an industry that helps put people back to work. And there are opportunities to service to mankind on a daily basis - we can act as a career counselor, we can serve in a soup kitchen, or in a retirement home, or go out and pick up litter, or we can offer cans of food to our local foodbank. We can volunteer our time to be a mentor, or do charitable acts of service, we can even uplift co-workers by random acts of kindness that they don't expect or offer a helping hand when it is does not benefit us. All around us are opportunities to espouse the spirit of the season, to harness our power for maximum good, and then propel others to new heights.

I speak of our inward ability and attitude, our talent that we have as a fellow human being, to offer our blessings to the world. Blessing other's lives is trully the most rewarding of opportunities.

As I think about my blessings as I go to offer thanks with friends and family I can't help but think of my family extended and immediate - there is some of the greatest treasure that I have. This season isn't so much about food, gifts, getting, giving or receiving, it is more about a human touch that enhances the lives of others if but for a moment - offering a perspective that transforms our very direction. It can be said that the holidays are but a moment in the long scheme, full of memories, full of family connections, full of days that enable our personal best. What a pleasure to be part of a great company, to have the blessings of family and to find my way forward in this wonderful time.

Over the past 3 years - new days of an economic maelstrom put me on a path that carried me through temporary jobs, a role where I thought I would be for a long time in a HR Consulting Company, challenged me to maintain my course through thick and thin, and to keep my personal perspective on my long term career trajectory. I read a great book in the early days of my career entitled "The HR Professionals Career Guide: Building a Position of Strength" by Jeanne Palmer. When I read that book, I felt inspired as I learned stories and tips from current, and former HR VP's from Aflac, Charles Schwab, Gap, 3COM, Knight Ridder, HP, Intuit, & Deloitte and Touche. There was a common theme among these great professionals on what it took to create a career of absolute greatness - the common running theme? Good People Skills, and Good Business Acumen. How does that tie in to the holidays? Good people skills, and good business acumen stem from a service minded approach to business affairs. It can't be all about you. Instead, one must harness the ability to look to helping people, communities, or just be willing to realize that true success is about being able to help others without first thinking about yourself. It may seem very counter-intuitive, but the most successful people I know put others first, and then when they do the right thing, investing in solid relationships, then they arrive.

Which brings me back - as my daughter ran from place to place, with a heart so full of vigour, so full of young energy, she taught me that passion for living is trully what the holiday season is all about. We can rise and challenge heights not previously realized, we can celebrate and serve by being willing to offer ourselves and our time. A little goes a long way.

As we progress in any venue of our lives be it career, family, community, whatever it may be, a heart of service, every single day will go a long way to success in any forum. Make it about the other person, giving your best effort with a sense of purpose. That will carry over into every facet of your life. And the greatest possession of all, our family, is where we can apply service every day. As we grow in happiness and contentment there, then it will follow into our careers. If one is passionate about helping others get back to work, and pleasing your client along the way, well that is recruiting success.

What's more - the payoffs for helping and moving onto a perspective that every day should have the desire the holidays bring, and not just one time, or during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah, New Years, but 365 days a year - where our passion is in service, giving, and the joys of helping others. Now that is true success found without having to spend a fortune to get there. "Tis the Season TO BE THANKFUL."

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