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Top Job Hunting Guidelines to be considered at the Age of 50?

For people who are 50-years old and would like to work again or change jobs, the job vacancies in London look very appealing. However, the job market today is a battle field for them, despite the fact that they are old hands in their field of work, applicants with less experience and fewer skills are still preferred by companies. Why? Most probably, this is because, those candidates are way younger. Although this is a painful truth, mid-lifers must face this fact.

In the past, when employees reached 50, they opted to retire. But these days, a lot of the elders are still strong and prefer to continue working. Some even work until they are 70 years old.  Even though these veterans may be involved in the same line of work for many decades, they may want to try their hands at entering other fields and start their career afresh.

Are you one of the many people who are  50 and looking for work and are you doing a great job with your job search? Perhaps, you’re feeling down after being ignored many times and watching the younger ones get hired.

But do you know that you can actually get the job you love? If you can just learn some simple but effective strategies in job searching, you can get employed again even if you are 50. You are more skilled and have the best experience hence you are the right one for the job, but you have to prove it. Below are job hunting guidelines that you need to pull alongside and emerge on top of the rat race. These will be your weapons to make it in the job market.

First of all, instead of focusing on your age, highlight your abilities, personality, and work attitude. You will gain more positive outcomes by doing this.

Update your CV or resume

Compose a resume in the most accepted format. Write about your best skills and abilities in order to impress the hiring officers.. It is also perfectly fine not to include your graduation year.  

Employers will only pay attention to your skills since this will determine whether you can still do the job or not. Put emphasis on your expertise and give details of your most recent works.

Check out modern media networks

This is the era when job vacancies are not searched via newspapers and classified ads anymore. Even the submission of resumes by walking in, is sometimes not entertained by the employers.

Businesses now rely on technology when hiring new workers. Most of them sign up with employment agencies to find the right employees. They may also announce vacancies through popular social media networks and online job boards. Plus, there are recruitment companies that specially cater to the needs of applicants who are in their 50’s and above. It is clear that you have higher chances of finding a new job by searching in the modern way.

Impress them in the interview

An interview is the time when you and the employer meet for the first time. Be confident and speak well for yourself. Show him that you still have the energy and zeal necessary to get the job done. You need to work a bit harder than the younger applicants to prove that you’ll fit in.

Prove to them you’re a team player

Some managers may be concerned about working with someone who’s way older than them. This is especially true with managers who have to supervise people who are almost twice their age. They may also think that older candidates may not be able to connect or work well with the younger staffs.

Older employees are often seen as stubborn so they are assumed to be hard to get along with. Prove them wrong and show them you are a team player. Let them see that you are game and have no problems with being taught or taking orders from younger co-workers.

Let them know you are tech-savvy

Businesses today use technology almost extensively. Younger generations think that older people can’t keep up with the modern devices and it is possible that this is also how the employers think about you. Show them you are tech savvy and know how to use the latest equipment or tools to complete various tasks in the office.  

In job hunting, work experience and age are usually considered. And applicants in their 50’s or older often have to exert more effort to prevail over discrimination. The use of appropriate job application techniques and registering with agencies in London for jobs will also be a big help and you will work again! Finding work when you’re 50 is difficult but if you do not lose hope and continue to  think positively, you will soon land the job you’re aiming for and enjoy a new career.

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on November 15, 2013 at 11:44am

Thanks, Will..A suggestion might be to check out foirms where the hiring managers/teams are more "mature"- people like to hire those who're like themselves.  Another suggestion: keep only the most recent 10 years of your CV, and  say "previous work history available onupon request."






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