Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have been at the forefront of discovery and have constantly striven to learn more about the earth and space. Developing technology at a rapid rate since the industrial revolution, man has trekked through some of the roughest pieces of terrain on the planet. Humans have climbed Mount Everest and visited the Mariana Trench, explored the deepest parts of the Amazon and reached both poles. 

One interesting contrast of discovery is that man seems to be more curious about venturing into the depths of outer space. Since the 1960's, mankind has come a long way in regards to space exploration and it is believed that there will be a human colony on Mars by around 2025. However with the technology that we as a race possess at the moment, getting anywhere beyond our own solar system is completely impossible. Still, you can't blame NASA and these other four letter organisations for trying. Nevertheless, exploration of this magnitude would require a vehicle that can travel fast enough to constitute time travel. For starters this depends on the light speed theorem holding up to its reputation and secondly, this speed is nothing more than a pipe dream at the moment. 

Exploring our Blue Planet

Although space is an incredibly interesting subject which captures the imagination of teachers, philosophers and 13 year old kids alike, what about the realm of the deep blue? Millions of cubic miles of ocean surround the land we live on and much of it remains unexplored. Wouldn't this be easier, and cheaper? By simply watching nature documentaries, we can see hundreds of interesting and bizarre species of oceanic creatures, but what if there is more. The ocean holds secrets of the earth and time, yet mankind seems to have passed up on the opportunity to learn of such wonders in search of something apparently better. So far we have made a handful of trips to one chunk of rock and now are filled with excitement about the prospect of landing on another. In all fairness, it is believed that Mars could have sustained life at some point, however what is to say there are no extra-terrestrial creatures living on the planet earth right now? Sightings of UFO's are reported almost daily and let's say some of them are true. If there are aliens here at present and they are trapped, perhaps they need somewhere to hide. What better place than the ocean!

The deep blue sea could also be the source of many unknown medicines or cures for all we know. Being able to find new plants or other underwater species will only increase mankind's knowledge and understanding of this blue planet. If there is another source of energy down there, this could potentially decrease the threat of global warming. Science is a truly exciting subject and the vastness of the ocean is still yet to be explored. Deep-sea drilling jobs are but the tip of the iceberg, however everyone has to start somewhere. There are hundreds of opportunities available to get involved in a sector that will present the chance to explore this exciting underwater world. For more info on careers underwater, go to

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