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Who Sets The Standards for "Best Practices"?

Friendly debate about methods of recruiting is appropriate, but personal attacks which are based in ignorance and/or jealousy are not. Before you launch into a sermon on 'the only way to recruit' and the 'evils' of some other recruiter's methods, pause a moment and ask yourself "Can I do any better?" or "How does he make that method work so well?"

My concern is for results, and I've always been taught to view critics as losers (which has worked for me for my entire life). So, start by trying to get your facts straight, if you think you have something to say, and try to be polite. If you aren't, I will just block you and delete your nasty and pointless comments. Meanwhile, I'm always willing to listen to constructive ideas and comments that are based in reason and show discernment and mastery of the craft of recruiting.

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