Since the inception of the Digital/Social Media curve ball, countless Recruiters believe that past practices are passe and not noteworthy of acknowledgment or employment. Well that could not be further from the truth. Digital/SMN are all extended tools intended to enhance the fundamental practice of successful Recruiters/Search Professionals. It is imperative that all the intrinsic principles be exploited; the ‘Old Guard’,,, the cornerstone elements that insure people in our career deliver the optimal results expected by the Clients we service.
    Mechanisms that have sustained countless profitable search companies in the 80‘s 90‘s, and early 2000 prior to the introduction/evolution of Bullhorn, SMN tools, were: research, plan, organize, network, telephone lists, rapport, referrals, and talk to anyone and everyone. At the end of the day, the most premiere attribute/characteristic that the BEST Recruiter’s has as their weapon and cannot be replaced by all the nuisances of modern day recruiting/search services is intuition... a.k.a. ‘hunch’,,, predilection. When a Practitioner in the Recruitment/Search business makes 10 out of 10 placements, 80% of that has everything to do with the aforementioned. The other 20% are the classic practices. Recruitment/Search Services is not any different than any other profession. Recruiters that earn high six, low-end seven figures compensation; have the gift of intuition, combined with the strict adherence to running their desk as the single entity business. Anyone committed to Talent and the associated services not earning more than $100K/year and has more than three + yrs. in the business does not have THE ‘it’ factor = intuition. Numerous Recruiters working in search services genuinely should not be in the business for myriad of reasons. For example, was interviewing with an Agency, something I have not done in 1000 yrs. and had the unfortunate circumstance of meeting with an X-Military Recruiter/Army Veteran. Without sounding as stereotyping, this man genuinely is not coined for high-end Consultative Recruiting/Search Services. He claimed he had been in the business for years and had never met anyone earning more than $150K/year.
    The winning strategy composite for Recruiting/Search:
1.) Intuition. This cannot be learned, this is a gift!
2.) Plan. Anyone that does not plan is delusional and would elude their ultimate success. Planning is key to exceptional prosperity.
3.) Organize. Always organize your day the night before. Set up your next day activities, following your plan and make certain you do not veer too far from your Planned Agenda.
4.) Understand your Clients. Candidates are our Clients too. Here is where your rapport is a matter of life through breath. If your gift,,, ‘intuition’ is not on point, the likelihood of longterm success is bleak.
5.) Cognition. Be cognizant of those with whom you speak,,, i.e., timing, their situation, what is being said and not only the cerebral (rushing for a placement without cultivation is fatal) extension. Look at this way,,, are you speed dating, is it, or is it E-Harmony. Yes, they are almost all attaining results; however, one is at the top of its game,,, which one is it and why?
    All the other hoopla of ‘New Age/Millennium’ stuff are considered side-dishes, not the Main Course.
    Make certain you take time to do quality research and source.

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